350z to Audi a5

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Hey guys,


Traded my 350z in on Friday for an A5 3.0 tdi s line quattro. Totally different cars, taking a littlet bit of time to get used to the different power delivery!


I modified just about every panel on the car, was a great car to own and when pressing on it was something else. However I travel a lot to work through the week so the £100 in petrol started to get annoying added among some parts needing replaced. You would think Nissan not being an up-market brand would be half decent for parts...... No is the answer!


Here is some pictures of my old car and my new one. Only had the car 2 days and got rid of the S line alloys, wasn't a fan but managed to get a hold of 19" Rotors :)









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Nice car, but i hate when "S-LINE" sticker is on car's where engine isn't V8,10,12, i understand that there can be s-line body-kit or something else but the point is the lovely V8(or higher) engine  :wub:

Any way, it looks awesome. ;)

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