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    Hi Gareth, there is a limit to the frequency of the Speed Awareness courses. Typically, you are only allowed them every three years, otherwise you get points and a fine. They are usually given to people for minor transgressions and not big offences. All of my misdemeaners are in the order of 36 in a 30 in a rural setting, 48 in a forty and 58 in a 60 and towing. I have got to the point that I have had 9 points on my licence - I'm not proud of that fact but it is a hazard of having to drive an awful lot and having too many other things going on in my work life which means your concentration can drift....That and being !Removed! unlucky at times! I got told on one thing that on the day I was done, only three cameras out of 150, were being used in that county. To be fair, they don't want to catch people speeding and make money from it but stop people from speeding and save money in accident costs etc. Since I got this Ranger, I use cruise control and speed limiter more often and even use the selective gearbox occasionally! Caz away for the 03:30 to 15:30 shift - back now and very tired and demoralised. She's having a kip.... After she had gone to bed, I re-read the survey and thought about this. I think the surveyor was a tad keen on some points and given a red mark on some points that can be explained or quantified better. If the lead pipe in the water system was really bad for you, the Severn Trent would have replaced it years ago for example. Caz and I will talk through some of the points, send it to the Agents with a letter saying that unless a few things are done, we will back out but accept other things as they are. If the venders really want to sell, then they will get a quote for it and then see if it is in £00's or £000's and make a judgemnent call. After all, they had rented it out for years and the letting agent would have insisted that things were right! I collected a loan chipper from a dealer this morning so I can go and do a bit of tree work tomorrow at the house of Caz's daughter's SO. That and some housework were the order of the day - even fitted a twin socket in the kitchen which already has a pair of USB sockets in it. I got fed up with a kettle that was unplugged for a phone and a toaster that was swapped for a tablet! I noted that the new tyres fitted to the Ranger hum more than the previous but it feels more planted and less squidgy! Best part of £800 for the four and a tracking check but the last Goodrich M&S tyres did over 80K!

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