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    I have no personal experience of the matter but it strikes me that the on line repairers offer fast, cheap and guaranteed repair, while a secondhand unit would only be cheap.
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    2016 TTS Had it 2 weeks. Love it.
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    Hi Ross I'm not sure if the data within the SRS control unit has been downloaded by/for Audi as I recall reading an article a few years ago about the data being captured post accident by the manufacturer as the control units were on an exchange programme (obviously being replaced in the event of an accident deploying the airbags) and therefore they kept the old unit and provided a new programmed one. If this is the case then they (the manufacturer - Audi) would have this data and I doubt they would be sharing it unfortunately.
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    Hi everyone, just got a 2005 A4 S line. Hope to get some general tips for the car.
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    Hi guys, My 2015 A6 C7 2.0 TDI S line Ultra Just acquired yesterday. Hoping to get 21" rotors on after Christmas and tint rear windows. Loving the car already....so smooth and comfortable.....bit of a change from my 2017 xtrail but for the better 👍🏻
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    Hello. Just acquired my 3rd Audi. Previously owned an A6 2.5tdi Allroad and a Mk1 1.8TT with the BAM engine. This is a 2010 S4 with the S-tronic box. Absolutely thrilled to bits with it, and will be looking to extract a few more horses from her and tighten up the handling in the very near future. Any advise about Stage 1/1+ remaps, Suspension and handling improvements gratefully appreciated.
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    Just joined the forum so introducing myself. I’m an A5 owner 3.0 TDI loosing the silver soon - going all black!!!
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    Hey Everyone, New to the forum, my car is just a diesel hatch. I thought the Audi fans amongst us would enjoy my friend's new E-tron more 😄 He picked it up a couple weeks ago, the car is very techy and deadly fast! Thomas

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