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  1. Hi ya


    Hope your ok 😁

  2. Stealth won ttoc competition 💘💘💘💘
  3. They changed ignition switch all was good for 2 days then happened again intermittent problems. Took her back after i first said a relay and it was. Changed that and now Stealth is perfect again. Stealth in recent snow and made a tt friend ❤️
  4. Thankyou Steve Q. Im glad stealth is sorted. You are all very helpful. X love Lynnerz & Stealth
  5. I had a ignition switch fitted worked for 3 days. Then same fault. Found out it was a relay.... Solved now. A happy Lynnerz & Stealth xxxxx
  6. Shes been looked at by an electrics specialist garage and on machine. Its intermittent. All else works on her. But i cant drive her because it was raining and no wipers very annoying. Fuses all ok. They say could be an earth or a relay/switch for ignition 🤔👿😷
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