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  1. Hello Jeff, Is it Petrol or Diesel ?
  2. Hello Alan, Does this vehicle has Glove box locking motor ? Is there any separate switch for closing the glove box ? Sorry if it's a stupid question,just wanted to know about the function. Thanks for your consideration, Jose
  3. Hello Rob, Is there a Transponder in the rear door ? Can you specify the component you replaced ? Thanks, Jose
  4. Hey Joe, Sorry for intervene in an older post. Was it Fuel pressure control valve ? sorry if it is a stupid question.I am a newbie 🙂
  5. Hello Shaun, My friend got similar concern in his car..How did you get on this ? Thanks for the update, Jose
  6. Hey Richard, What is the function of this water valve ? Any idea..This is the first time i am hearing about.. Thanks, Jose
  7. Hello Richard, I am very sorry as you didn't get any replies.I know it is a older post..still want to know the update. Thanks for your time. Jose
  8. Thank you so much Steve..definitely will take a try 🙂 hope it will sort out...Finger crossed.
  9. Hey Steve, I got the similar concern in my A8.It will be very helpful if you give the update on your concern. Thanks, Jose
  10. Hey Neil, Could you get the culprit ? Regards, Jose
  11. Thank you so much James. Actually i don't have the concern..in future it may help me and others too. Have a good day 🙂 Cheers
  12. Hello Jon, Could you please give the update so it may help others..? Thanks, Jose
  13. Hello David, Have your concern fixed ? One of my friend got the same symptoms in his car. Thanks for your update, Jose
  14. Hey Jenny, What is your Engine model ? Thanks, Jose
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