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    Now retired, still like messing with cars, play golf badly, follow F1 on TV. anyone welcome to visit (after CORVID) for coffee.
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    A3 sportback 2.fsi, Audi TT MK1 coupe 2001, TT MK1 convert 2002.
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  1. Can any member please supply the part numbers for the handle and "bar attached too" on the Q7 sunshade please. I understand that the handle is a replaceable item on this model and wish to see if the bar it fixes to can be used on my A3.
  2. I have a friend who has access to a 3D printer but would need a sample to draw one to obtain the details. At present my car is at a garage waiting for the timing belts to be changed. In my case not urgent as I have alternatives to use Two Audi TTs mk1`s a Mercedes and a BMW. I bought the A3 as my grandson has a new car seat too big for the TT. Can you check how many of the clips you would require, 1 - 4, It may be worth having a quantity produced if this is a common problem. I have various local companies who supply 3D printed items , also my son is into purchasing a 3D printer for him self I am told. I have asked Websato to confirm this is a supplied part to the VAG group without a reply. Also I see that it is possible to purchase handles to fit the sun roof on a Q7. The "bar" it screws to may be an alternative way to a more permanent solution. I have asked on the forum this question. This is an ongoing problem and the cost of a new Audi replacement bar is stupid. Paul.
  3. Hello. Can anyone please supply the part numbers for the sunshade on either a Q5 or Q3. It appears the handle is a replaceable item on the Q7,/Q5 and I thought if the rail it fits too is available as a part could I use this on my A3. I could then replace the handle when necessary. It is not economical to purchase TWO of the A3 rails at £100 each and expect to wait for them to break again. Paul.
  4. Hello, I had a Audi a6 and the passengers foot well filled with water and ruined the control units. This was due to the vents becoming blocked under the bonnet . Also the battery box was above the footwell and this I sealed with mastic used on fish tanks. The floor mats took an age to dry even when using a dehumidify. Hope this is not your problem.
  5. The problem of the sun shade on a sky roof is not new, for me yes. Purchasing a A3 with sky roof has shown the clips to hold shut do not operate. To purchase two new ones will not make economic sense to me. I have a copy of TB 60-07-06 on how to change the complete locking rail. It appears the small hook shape clips are broken, has anyone made or had made 3D printed parts of this item. I have read that the sun blind is supplied to AUDI by Websato, can anyone confirm this please
  6. Although new to this forum, I have owned two Audi TT`s mk1 for five years, both a coupe and convertible 225`s. I even have a full length tonneau cover on my convertible purchased from Europe, the genuine Audi part. However the grandchild seat is now to big for the coupe and I have added an A3 sportback with sky roof. Hense the problem! Can I please be directed on the site to where I may find comments on the sunshade catches, I have obtained a copy of TB 60-07-06 on how to replace the front rail, This part when purchase twice is nearly half of what the car cost. Has anyone madde on a 3D printer the clips only please? Any assistance would be appreciated. Paul