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  1. Hi, I know there was a ‘black edition’ which came with a black grille surround. Fairly easy to change the grille just need to remove the front bumper - I’ve gone for a honeycomb aftermarket grille looks a lot better in my personal opinion.
  2. If you’ve got the other ambient lights like the two red dot LED’s above your mirror and illuminated interior door handle lights you should have this already but doubt it would’ve died as they are LED. The door handle LED’s aren’t especially bright but this one in the centre is easily visible
  3. I will personally just pay that little bit extra for fuel and go premium unleaded, government still taxes that heavily so either way they win
  4. I had a slight panic moment this morning as I thought about the new E10 unleaded. I have a 55 reg A3 8P with 1.6 FSI and the gov website stated that the 2004 1.6 FSI was not compatible with the new fuels. Always best to check with Audi though. Mines fine as it’s got the 2006 engine after they checked the reg. https://www.gov.uk/check-vehicle-e10-petrol
  5. I’ve got the ambient lighting pack which includes interior door handle lights, two red LED above interior mirror directed to the dashboard, footwell lights, centre console storage light - all RED LED but don’t think there’s an actual light in the ashtray itself just the storage bit forward of it
  6. Have a look at the trim cover on eBay or Audi parts see where the clips are and carefully prize off from there
  7. I’d say if you’re changing the dust covers, best to replace ball joints too just stops you having to do the same job twice have a look at GSF but depends if you’re doing the work yourself
  8. As far as I’m aware, the diffusers are universal over 3-door and 5-door Sportback. I’ve got the facelift bumper on my 2005 and fitted the upgraded S-Line diffuser. I’d ask sellers for part numbers from both 3 and 5 doors to compare
  9. I have the same noise when I first start it up occasionally it’s really weird
  10. I think there’s another part of the steering column like a contact ring for the buttons to actually work but otherwise yes it will fit if it’s 8P
  11. I’ve found LED side lights that work without errors but not actual H7 headlight bulbs if anybody is able to let me know please
  12. Anybody tried the aftermarket wiper motor off eBay? I have the issue of the wiper arm being too floppy and going into the paint work, it’s the gearing inside that’s worn and need a new motor - I’ve adjusted the arm as much as I can but no luck. I previously had to strip down my motor like ^^ to clean out the rust and gunk
  13. Anybody know if any have built in Apple CarPlay?
  14. Hi all, so someone hit my door mirror while collecting a Chinese takeaway today. I’ve got a 2005 A3 Sportback and was looking at the facelift mirrors from 2009 onwards with the integrated LED indicators. Just wondering if anybody had done this before and what difference is there in the wiring, even just to make the motor to adjust mirror and heated glass with. I appreciate your help. Thanks 👍🏎
  15. Hi I’ve got a 2005 8P Sportback and managed to upgrade the rear lights to the facelift LED, add LED plate lights & front side lights... no luck so far with headlights as resistors either get too hot and don’t fit inside headlight unit so have to cope with no cover on the back or just don’t stop the errors
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