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  1. I am having the same problem soon as I get out of the car and make a call my phone works perfect, but soon as my phone connects to the bluetooth in the car it connects to the call I am making but can not make out what they are saying, I have a 2015 A6 ultra car is perfect but this is a big issue for me, my wife has a Q3 new model and my phone works perfect in her car. I have also tried her phone in my car and after a short time it dose the same. I got told it might be the update on my iphone 10 but I have had the phone in to apple and they have said they done all sorts of test on the phone and
  2. Hi I am having bother with my bluetooth or mmi, I have a iphone 10 just updated my phone to the new version of soft wear but having problems with connections when I connect my phone to the bluetooth in my car I have problems making a call it is all broken up and when I receive a call it is the same, but when I get out of the car and use my phone it works perfect. I have hard reset the mmi and reset my phone but still the same can anyone help me or is having the same problem. Dave
  3. i I have a A6 2015 model and having problems with bluetooth, it keeps going intermitting when I make a call and can not make out what the person I phone or received are saying has anyone got any advice please
  4. Morning I have a A6 ultra on a 15 plate, I am having problems with making a call or receive calls they are intermittent, I don’t know if this is a software problem or my iPhone ten but it is so frustrating. I have tried to hard set my mmi and unpaired my phone to the car and paired them again but still the same, can any one help me please. dave
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