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Found 56 results

  1. I have a 2008 S6 Avant with parking sensors in the front and also in the rear + rear camera. Till yesterday I also had the graphic display working fine and showing when I get close to an object. All of a sudden it stopped working... The rear camera is working and the sensors do give a tone when approaching an obstacle, but I don't get anything on the display. This morning I poked around with the settings in the MMI and saw that the graphic parking was disabled. I enabled it again, but nothing... After restarting the car it was switched off, which leads me to think there might be some fault in the system somewhere. However, with everything else working fine, I don't have a clue where to start checking. Any ideas or suggestions?
  2. I have created a complete guide on how to upgrade MMI 2G and 3G to the latest version of the firmware - 5570. The key thing here is that in the tutorial I am showing you how to not brick your Bose AMP in the process. No special tools or VCDS required. If you use the links to download the updates the only thing that you will need is blank CDs. If you have any questions let me know.
  3. Hi everyone, it’s been a while so many apologies for being away. Hope you’re all having a good start to the New Year. Just asking updates for the A6. I know there is a new Navigation SD card update for my vehicle, but I was wondering whether there is any updates to the existing MMI system and Bluetooth. I have a 2016 (66 Plate) Audi A6 2.0 TDI Ultra 190PS S-Tronic. On the MMI system, the version information is as follows; Software Version: RMC_EU_P16092 Navigation Database Version: 8X0919884J - P32-50-15.03 Bluetooth Software Version: 3.70.3 I am just having issues with my Apple iPhone 8 Plus which connects normally but takes an age to start playing music from my Music Library. Sometimes when trying to play, the Bluetooth on the MMI which automatically switch the Discovery OFF or will turn the Bluetooth OFF. Audi Customer Service refused to believe there was any issue with the vehicle although advised me to see my local Audi Service Centre (which I have not done yet). I have since removed ALL paired devices, reset my Network data on the iPhone and started again. It connects a tad faster but it’s pretty much the same and when making phone calls, whether it’s a 3G or 4G call,I get a horrible scratching sound during the ringtone and during the call. I’ve had to cancel calls before because of the noise and poor signal. Im just enquiring to see if there are any updates and whether this will fix any issues I am experiencing. Thank you all for your time and assistance.
  4. Hi All, hope everyone is keeping well. I have just had a Warranty repair carried out on my A6 Ultra with the MMI system and Navigation. Ever since I picked up the car in November 2016 (from new), the Navigation system has always been slow and laggy to a point where my previous Audi (2014 A4) seemed to have a much better system. For the past 18-months, the main issue is with the Bluetooth system, where at times, the Bluetooth in the car will either turn the Bluetooth OFF or will turn OFF the Discovery option. Also, when making calls, the echo, crackly and distorted calls can be so difficult to hear what's being said to a point where I have had to end the call, park up and use my iPhone without pairing to my MMI to continue the call. The original MMI version; Software - RMC_EU_P16092 / Navigation - 8X0919884J P32-50-15.03 / Bluetooth - 3.70.3 Upon investigation at the Audi Service Centre, they did find a fault with the Navigation SD card and I was informed the MMI needed a software update. A new Navigation SD card had to be ordered and it has now been recently fitted along with a MMI update to the version below; Software - RMC_EU_P16342 / Navigation 8X0919884J P32-50-15.03 / Bluetooth - 3.70.6 I cannot fault the Audi Service Centre for everything they have done, but I am still experiencing issues with the Bluetooth telephone calls with the distortion issues. I have an iPhone 8 Plus (iOS 12.3.2) and this is a replacement phone (from Apple) but my previous iPhone had the same issues. I have had a replacement SIM (3 Store) and since the MMI and Bluetooth updates, the Reception in the car is better but some calls are still affected by the crackling and distortion. This issue is very much intermittent. I have even made test calls in the car whilst using my iPad to record the sound so I can show the Audi Engineer, but every time I do this test, the phone calls are normal (how typical). Does anyone else have any iPhone-Bluetooth issues when making/receiving calls? I have no access to any other phone, so I cannot test this option.
  5. Hi everyone, I have just purchased a 2008 A4 (B7 variant I believe) and was wondering how I go about updating the MMI software. What added functionality would it provide? The current software version is shown in the image. Thanks, Rob
  6. Hi Everyone! This is my first post on this forum and was hoping to get some help/advice on a problem on my 2014 A3 S-Line. I have recently just purchased this car and I am still getting to grips with the MMI etc. The car came with the Audi Music Interface cable to USB output and I thought I could use this to play music from my iPhone through the usb. When I plug my charging cable into the adapter it charges the phone but does not show on the MMI screen the iPod/iPhone as a playable media and says AMI is not connected. Bluetooth for my iPhone works great and I can play the music and make calls through this but would like the option to play through my usb too. Has anybody else experienced this problem and managed to get it resolved or have any suggestions on how I can get it to work? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  7. Hi everyone, First time posting, just got my new A3 (1.5TFSI S-Line Tech Pack), very happy with it 😊 On collection the MMI cables were missing so i was given one from stock (i was given a choice of which type). The spec paperwork lists roughly £70 for an MMI cable pack - should that be a selection of cables? What have others received? Thanks! H
  8. Hi im a new audi user and would like to know the easiest way to tell if my 2015 a3 1.6tdi sline has 3g or not.. not sure if i have AMI or MMI 3G etc. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. Hi All, Wondering if anyone has purchased the Audi Music Interface, I want to play videos the monitor but tried on SD card and not had any luck in various formats. A few youtube videos have mentioned the Audi Music Interface cable. Has anyone tried? Or know anyone that's got the cable? Thanks Hass
  10. I thinks that updating the mmi will corrupt the mmi and have knock on effects and not allow me ever to drive the car again. and that there is no way of putting the car back because I dont have the orignal firmware disc. is this true?
  11. So 3 weeks ago, after a couple of weeks of getting an error message after trying to retrieve my online destinations in nav, i called audi uk to be told they were trying to munge together all the audi services and that the server was down for maintenance as a result. They said was likely to be a couple more weeks(??!?!?) Called today and told the same but wih no estimated fix timescale. 1. Why is no-one else talking about it. 2. Am I the only one? 3. Why do i smell a huge pile of bull here. Just cant believe they would just shut the service off indefinately while they worked on it. Am I the only one? Why does a google search bring up nothing? All answers on a postcard please.... :-)
  12. Hi, I am trying to use my car (Audi S3 2017 S/back) as a WiFi hotspot so I can watch YouTube videos etc from the cars WiFi. I have bought an O2 data sim rather than going through cubic telecom as they’re prices are crazy. However I can’t seem to set it up my phone connects but shows no data connection. Is this possible or do I have to go through cubic telecom? Thanks in advance. Jack
  13. Hello can anyone please advice is he has an embedded esim card installed (not the 2nd one in the glove compartment) and what does it cover / offers? also in which countries this is offered free. thanks George
  14. Hi all! having issues with Car, Never managed to pair Bluetooth. Get the message “your telephone may not be connected or attached properly”. Had passenger seat out and checked the module for water, no water and can hear it clicking on and off. Tried updating to 5570 and have done disk 2 several times with the same thing every time won’t update the Bluetooth. Next thing to see is if someone can test it and check. Anyone else had this issue? tom
  15. Just bought my first Audi Q7 3.0 TDI S line 2006. Had no issues connecting my iphone 8 via Bluetooth but it wont import my contacts, I have read many reviews that talk about Audi dealer resets but is there anything I can do to get it working? Also, I would like to play my music through the car, I have heard tune2air is the best Bluetooth device out there but first does anyone know if I need this, the car has sat nav but when I go to CD option the only source is CD. Apologies if I am simply navigating the wrong menu, I haven't had the time to have a good play with it yet : ) Thanks in advance.
  16. Hi Guys, Needing some help/advice on a DAB issue on my 2013 A3 which has the satnav style MMI and a standard sharkfin style aerial. Was all working fine until one day there was no DAB signal for days which was very unusual in my area which is always good. After trying alsorts and resetting the radio within the settings the DAB doesn't even show now in the waveband options. I also very very occasionally get a frozen satnav which may or may not be linked. I have nothing plugged into lighter sockets or have additional satnav or dashcam etc. Can anyone advice on options other than spending £130 on an Audi diagnostic. Many thanks in advance.
  17. So my 2014 A3 8V 1.6 TDI has an issue with the MMI. Basically sometimes it will register no satellites and therefore give me the wrong position on the Sat nav. Sometimes it works fine, sometimes picks up or loses satellites part way through a journey etc. It doesn't seem to be relating to obstacles around the car blocking signal so I'm guessing a loose cable? I've tried resetting the MMI a few times but it doesn't help at all. Any help would be appreciated! Cheers, Adam
  18. Hi A few months ago I needed a new battery. This was easily replaced. However I now find I've lost half the functions available eg the ride height. The car will still lower at speed but only automatically I no longer have any control over this. My trusted mechanic tells me it might have been due the the way the battery was changed and I'll need to get Audi to give (sell) me a new code to reset it. Does anyone here have any experience of this ?
  19. Hello, i have been looking to update the firmware on my 2011 audi MMI which is hard disk pre disposed and has sd card reader in order to be able to use audi connect. Dealers in UK say it needs to be prefitted and that i am not going to be able to update the firmware but i have read online that other 2011 audi owners were actually able to do it and given hardware is there i am a bit puzzled by dealers' response. If anyone could shed some light on the topic it would be great. Many Thanks, G
  20. hi can some one pleas help me upgared firmwere and maps as thay are very old EU_P0022_D1 £100 on ebay should I get it
  21. Hi all, Had my 63 plate a6 for about 4 months now. When I first got it, Bluetooth calling and music streaming was fine with no issues. But now it seems like it struggles to connect to the phone, and when it does it seems to cut in and out as if something is affecting the reception. If I sit my phone in the little storage compartment under the heating controls it works fine. But when I put it in the armrest it struggles to pick it up. I have reset Bluetooth settings and deleted the car from my phones devices, any ideas or suggestions? Another fault is when I connect my phone via the lightening to mmi interface cable (iPhone 6) is that it more often than not begins to cycle rapidly through my entire song catalogue on my phone, playing a second of each song before skipping to the next. Again any help on this would be much appreciated 😊.
  22. Hi all, I've got an A4 Quattro, 66 plate. I read through the manual and it mentioned that the MMI system would take up to 128gb SD cards for music files etc. So I bought one, formatted it for the car (FAT32) and dragged on a load of music. The in car system doesn't see half of the files though? Has anyone else experienced this? If Iook at the SD card on a computer the files are on it, but the MMI doesn't list them. Thanks Shaun
  23. Hi everyone, I'm new here but hopefully someone will be able to shed some light on my SatNav update saga with my local Audi dealer. I have so far taken my 2009 A6 3.0 TFSI to the dealers three times to have the SatNav updated and I'm still not sure it's been done properly. All I have to go on is the version information via the MMI, which even after the second visit had not changed. Both the software version and the Nav database version were the same as before I took it the first time. HNav_EU_K0022_1_D1 and 8R0060884AH ECE 5.13.8 I did find an empty dvd case on the passenger seat with activation codes and pin numbers for the 2017 maps and was assured that all was done. I took the car back a third time and despite them telling me that the the system had been updated but just looked the same, I showed them a photo on my phone of a friends MMI which had been successfully updated and had totally different numbers for the software and the nav database versions. They went away, and this time came back to inform me that the software version was now updated and while the Nav database version has not changed, the 2017 maps are installed. The software version now reads HNav_EU_K0257_6_D1. I don't think the maps are installed but they assure me that their computer readout says they are. How can I prove it one way or another. Apparently the MMI is not reflecting the maps verion installed. Anyone had any experience with Sat Nav updates? Thanks Adrian
  24. Hi All, Driving a 2006 Allroad is great fun, knowing where I'm going is generally makes the experience even better. So one of my next priorities is to update the SatNav, any advise on how and where to get hold of the CDs/DVDs. Cheers Phill
  25. I have recently purchased a brand new A6 Avant. I want to set the central locking to 1 click all doors open which I thought I could do from the MMI. This turns out not to be the case as this is only available on non UK models. Spoke to the Audi garage and they say a fix is not available. Has anyone else resolved this issue?