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  2. Hi Steve, Car was in for a regular service on 30th June and I'd mentioned the window problem. All sorted with a reset of the switch. Probably only took a few minutes.
  3. Hi Steve Q, It's the original battery, car 3 years & 3 months old.
  4. A couple of days ago I noticed my near-side rear window was down though I had locked the car so went to put it back up. It would not stay in the closed position after trying various methods. Obviously worrying as a security risk, plus raining! This happened last summer when temperatures were high and was fixed at my local Audi dealership - a system reset, I believe. I called the dealership to ask for urgent help, but none forthcoming, wanted to keep the car for five days!!! 😖 Anyway, I contacted an independant Audi/VW specialist who told me what I could do to close the window which was to operate the switch one small step at a time until it reached the closed position and hold for a few seconds. It worked, 🤗 however not a permanent fix. My car is booked for a regular service in a few days so have asked for this issue to be rectified whilst they have it, and hopefully not keep it for five days for what I am sure is a fairly straightforward reset. Has anyone else ever experienced this problem? 🤔
  5. Hello James, Thanks for your reply. I had seen the YouTube video you mentioned whilst researching parts needed to fit a spare wheel and went ahead and ordered them. Sadly, and after taking the car to a main Audi dealership those parts would not fit. I think I mentioned before that a whole new moulding needs to be purchased for the cargo area to accommodate the parts involved. The technician took a long time searching for the suitable part as there were many options, and he gave no guarantee that it would work out! I called it a day, so now would have to rely on the Audi breakdown service (AA) to fix a flat tyre. I really would have thought that somebody out there would have come up with a solution for this very irritating problem. 😟 All the best, Chris
  6. Hi Andy H H, Having just had my 2019 A4 Avant's 1st MOT done by my local Audi Dealer, I asked about this same service plan. It seems a good deal to me, and I've booked the appointment to have the car checked prior to acceptance of that plan. 😀👍 Good luck!
  7. Hello James, I did submit my comments in an earlier A4 forum, but here's my experience. I too have an A4 (Avant) TFSI 2019 model and also wanted to install a space-saver. Sadly, and after purchasing all the bits I thought I'd need from both Ebay & my local Audi dealer, it proved a very complex issue! 🤔 Luckily I was able to get a refund for all those items. My car did not come with a jack, just the (useless, in most cases) inflation kit. My dealer was helpful to a point, but it meant I would have to purchase a whole new liner for the cargo area to accommodate the necessary kit to fit the spare wheel and its sundry items. They were really helpful, 🤗 and after much time spent on their laptop trying to find a solution, could not fit the items I had bought without that particular liner. 😒 All this is down to weight saving to meet carbon emmision standards, as far as I'm aware, same goes for smaller fuel tanks!
  8. I received a message about a defective nut from "Automotive News" as follows: Audi hasn’t been very active in terms of service recalls in North America recently, but the German automaker is now making the headlines with a rather interesting campaign. Approximately 100,000 cars from the brand will be recalled globally due to a potential displacement of the rear suspension links. This may seem like a very standard recall, however, the issue comes as a result of a previous recall. Back in June last year, Audi recalled many cars from the A4, A5, A6, A7, A8, Q5, Q7, Q8, E-Tron models built between 2019 and 2021 to replace nuts on the rear axle suspension links that did not meet specifications. According to the bulletin released then, a defective nut could increase play between the suspension link and the hub carrier, which can result in bad wheel alignment of the rear axle. Following the campaign, which eventually expanded to cover about 150,000 globally, Audi started receiving complaints from customers of increased tire wear and worsened vehicle handling. After its own internal investigation, the German automaker discovered that during the recall, “a part on the rear axle may have been inadvertently and unknowingly set to the wrong specifications in some cases,” as Automotive News reports. Are you aware of this? If so, has anyone here been in touch with Audi UK about it?
  9. Hi Andrew, My A4 Avant has the same system as yours that I'm pleased about! I don't feel the need for a pouch.
  10. I've got an "OLIXAR" folding fob pouch. To be honest, I only keep my spare fob in it. I don't have keyless-entry with my car, thank goodness, although that feature seems to be fitted on more and more vehicles these days.
  11. A rather late reply to this post but the fault was fixed at the dealership by re-setting the component. 👍
  12. Sorry for this very late reply, Richard. My car is Arctic white.
  13. I had the same dillema when I got my 2019 A4 that has the same function as yours. After looking into it it would seem a Faraday pouch is not necessary, but I do have one. I'm really pleased my car is not fitted with the auto lock / unlock facility!
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