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  1. Follow up I have had bigger engined mercs and jaguar xkrs, but being rear wheel drives they don't touch my a5 gor handling, I can honestly say even though my jag was 500bhp my.a 5 will ho round bends at least twice as fast thanks to the quattro system
  2. Well 3 months in to my s line black edition quattro and I'm still loving life, although the tdi engine performance is mediocre at best I have to say the styling and the grip from the quattro system is superb, the interior design still excites me everytime I drive her. I can honestly say I am now an audi convert for life. She is just so pretty to look at
  3. For sure but I still love my a5 it's such a beautiful looking car I think she will also be a classic genuinely I love driving my a5 more than any other car I've owned and I've had a lot lol from celica gt4 to 911 convertible to xkr e type jag more British classics than I can count, mercs bmws rs turbs cosworths the list goes on. I've owned nearly four hundred performance and executive cars but although my a5 is nowhere near the fastest car I've owned I love the handling the styling the design of the car and I can honestly say I'm now an audi convert
  4. Error Code P0322 is defined as Ignition/Distributor Engine Speed Input Circuit Low. This code applies to all spark ignition engines, such as Audi
  5. Well just cleaned my girl and found another stone chip on the bonnet, does anyone else get as upset as me when they find their baby is scratched lol or am I just really sad. This is incredibly dull I know but I've just been looking at my girls on my drive and thinking life is good. I'm so lucky to have such lovely cars to play with, hope you are all staying safe and enjoying your rides 😊 ☺ ❤
  6. I bought my a5 quottro black edition from an independent dealer and he went above and beyond with the pre delivery prep and a 12 month warranty he personally honoured the car is fantastic and the dealer service was also fab
  7. Hi guys I'm planning on taking a road trip from cherbourg through France into northern Spain next year, plan to drive across the piraneese mountains and spend the last week on the Costa brava before driving back through France, has anyone done this any advice or recommended places to stop or stay overnight on route. All advice is welcome, it will be me and the wife no children. I was planning on a stop over in niece, is this a good idea?
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