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  1. Thanks Cliff - I always consider breakers first haha! I will likely try to repair first but if I completely break it then I’m hoping for a part number or at least Part name to help me search 😁
  2. Hi guys, Is anyone able to identify the part and part number for the door pull I’ve pointed the red arrow at? Struggling to find an exploded diagram online or potential replacement. When I pulled to close the door yesterday, it came loose at the top (yellow circle) and I believe it is damaged. I'm considering drilling a hole and fixing it with a nut/bolt and washer on the inside of the door card. Thanks in advance!
  3. Great news! how much did it cost you as I need to get one done also
  4. Thanks Steve. Mainly for a little fun on the straights but also safer overtaking of cyclists and tractors. We also have RWYB sprint sessions and autocross (which I wouldn’t use this for!) as well as trips to France and the UK to visit family 😁 There are people daily driving 800bhp+ GTR’s here and it’s not that uncommon for people to modify their cars.
  5. Does sound like a wheel bearing - are you able to ‘hear’ which side it’s coming from? Jack it up and give the wheels a firm push and pull side to side - if it’s a bearing then you will likely feel the play. You can also spin the wheel and will hear a grinding sound. Hope this helps
  6. I’ve just had a turbo back stainless steel with resonator + sports cat from Cobrasport for £1400 and highly recommend it. Barely louder than stock in normal driving but sounds great when you put your foot down and not obtrusive.
  7. Hi guys, hopefully you can give me some advice or dissipate my concerns! I have a 2009 A3 TFSI and recently had a turbo back Cobrasport exhaust (resonated/sports cat) and Ramair oversize intake fitted plus a remap. 1) Car sounds great and drives well in Sport or manual mode. When driving in “D”, if I give it anymore than light throttle, it is as if the turbo if fluttering and feels like I’m going to destroy the turbo. Remap yielded 252bhp and 287lbs/ft. I spoke with the tuner and he stated: “Hi , that is the turbo shuffling . Very common on the tfsi engines special when is in D drive mode because the engine torque limiters been setup for manual mode to drive hard”. which seems bizarre to me and I cannot find anything about it online. 2) I was very excited to be seeing somewhere nearer 270bhp+ from the research I’ve done but the tuner insists that no more power is available unless I get an FMIC which also surprised me. I'm basing this off people achieving similar figures after a remap from an otherwise stock car. I have pestered the tuner and will be going to show him this week but would like to get you guys thoughts too as we only have one tuner in Jersey and he specialises in Jap cars.
  8. Hello all, great to be here - new A3 8P TFSI owner joining the community for any potential future problems I may face 🙂 picked up my first A3 2.0 TFSI and love it so far!
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