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  1. Thank you very much mate I will try that tomorrow and see what happens
  2. I took it to a local garage and that's the code and explanation I was given nothing specific to where the problem actually is it's the fact I don't know where the problem is specifically so no idea what or where to look
  3. Thanks mate I will check that first thing tomorrow any ideas right now are good ideas as I am at a loss
  4. Hi has anyone else had this problem I get error code p0407 07E8pd generic ,gas recirculation sensor B low I have cleaned egr, pdf changed egr sensor and am still getting this code I am in limp mode with engine management light on and glow plug light flashing.When I accelerate as soon as I get to 2000 revs limp mode kicks in I am at a total loss now can anyone suggest a cure please I have an a3 8p 1.6 tdi 2010 with 90,000 on clock
  5. That's sounds right to me so guess I got to re wire them
  6. The speakers are exactly the same as in the front it's had myself and my friends baffled they are there but no wiring to them what so ever in the door very strange
  7. Thank you I will look into it
  8. I have an audi a3 2010 model does anyone know why I have rear speakers in the door panels but they are not wired up took both back door panels of and I can not find any wires to power them so do I need to wire them up from my head unit.Has this happened to anyone else does anyone have any ideas please
  9. Thank you am at a loss really had enough of it all now to be honest really am what ever I try or do never works
  10. The code I am getting is p0407-07E8 pd generic but after running for a while it goes off and no problems only happens after the car has not been used for an hour or so I am at a total loss
  11. Today I cleaned my egr valve and throttle body last week I replaced the egr selanoide yet am still getting code p407 and even though I have more acceleration than before I am still In limp mode please can anyone help please
  12. Can any one help when I try to unlock my car with either of my two key fobs for some reason the two front doors won't open yet the back ones and the boot unlock and I am lost can any one help please
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