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  1. Hi Simon....welcome to the Forum There is an Audi dealer in Poole that would be relatively close to you. Otherwise, as you say there is one in Portsmouth that would be closer and have a good reputation. Good to have you onboard Cheers, Trevor
  2. Good to have you onboard and hope you're finding your way around the site? Cheers, Trevor
  3. Hi Steven....welcome to the Forum Can't find any record of you being a member on here previously unless it was using a different name. Either way, good to have you onboard Cheers, Trevor
  4. Hi Alan....welcome to the Forum Hope you find plenty to interest you on here and if you have any specific questions just fire away Cheers, Trevor
  5. Hi Ashley...welcome to the Forum
  6. Did you go for the quoted insurance policy in the end Piotr ?
  7. Have you taken delivery of your new motor yet PRK7 ? Fancy posting up some pics if you would like to show us what the colour combination looks like
  8. Keep us informed how it goes and when it arrives please post up a pic or two I'm sure it will be worth the wait 🙂
  9. Trevor


    Sounds like a belt is overtightened and straining the alternator bearings (or other anciliary component)
  10. Hi AIS....welcome to the Forum Personally, I would not get rid of any of them....have you considered dispensing with the wife, dog, house, kids school fees....anything except your machinery 🙂 ....yes, I do like a drink 🤪 thanks! Good to have you onboard Cheers, Trevor
  11. Hi Jim....welcome to the Forum Hopefully the car won't have too many issues which means you won't have too many problems to resolve....fingers crossed! Good to have you onboard Cheers, Trevor
  12. Hi Alistair...welcome to the Forum How's life been with the Q8 so far? Feel free to post up a photo of your new Audi if you wish. Good to have you onboard Cheers . Trevor
  13. Hi Anthony...welcome to the Forum I suppose the bigger diesel engine is the more desirable one to get if you are towing but also the gross vehicle weight is more in line with towing a larger caravan, if this is what you are looking to do. Like any car, it is always desirable to ensure that the maintenance has been regularly carried out in accordance with manufacturers recommendations and using quality parts then you shouldn't have any major issues. A lengthy warranty is also a bonus. Good to have you onboard Cheers . Trevor
  14. Hi Paul...welcome to the Forum Feel free to post up a photo of your Audi if you wish and hope you soon find the solution to your problems Good to have you onboard Cheers . Trevor
  15. Hi Tim...welcome to the Forum Feel free to post up a photo of your new Audi if you wish Good to have you onboard Cheers . Trevor
  16. Hi Simon Sounds like the door switches could be faulty. Not sure if they are external....e.g. on the doo pillar and the door depresses the switch when closed, or alternatively, they are internal in the door latch mechanism. If the latter then maybe some electrical contact cleaner sprayed into the latch mechanism area may produce some results, worth a try I reckon. Let us know what you find
  17. Hi Bradley....welcome to the Club How is living with the A3 going? Hopefully all is going well and no unexpected issues. Good to have you onboard Cheers . Trevor
  18. Hi Steven....welcome to the Forum Fine looking A3 you have acquired. Good to have you onboard Cheers, Trevor
  19. Hi Mo....welcome to the Forum From experience, I would say that the 1.6 manual is more than sufficient to provide the 'driveability' that you are looking for. Equally, it is a reliable engine and provides a pretty decent MPG in return. Let us know how you get on with finding a good one. Cheers, Trevor
  20. Glad you had a good experience with ALS Tyres Andrew....and welcome as an Audi Owners Club Premium Membership supporter
  21. Hi Chris.....yes this forum is still completely active 🙂 Sounds like a holed intercooler or boost hose, would examine the hoses first, especially after the intercooler (e.g intercooler to intake) After that then possibly intercooler
  22. Hi Val....welcome (back) to the Club Superb R8...not at all jealous 😞 If you can't find anyone to sell some then I may know of someone who could make some for you Cheers, Trevor
  23. Hi Andrew....welcome to the Club Q5...not that I'm at all jealous 😞 Check the headlining or boot or tailgate isn't wet with the screenwash as it sounds like the hose has detached from the jet. Good to have you onboard
  24. Looks like a good spec car you have there Paul