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  1. Dave, I actually had two earth straps fitted last week with the main one cleaned up and now its much better starting. Cost of £25.
  2. hi guys, my boot lid will unlock on occasions but not lift up, this is subject to the boot light also not coming on, if I use the door switch it will lift up. I imagine if the key fob battery was low the lid wouldn't disengague or open. Any ideas please?
  3. Hi Dave, interesting article this. This has been happening on my 2014 q7 for four years now, never failed to start but very lazy on the odd occasions. We now see the boot lid not opening or closing on the key fob but ok to open from the door switch. No boot light will eliminate which is the sign that it will be lazy to start. Today the boot has failed three times ! Could this also be linked to the earth strap failing, no error codes present. Your thoughts please Dave would be appreciated
  4. Hi all, questions for you if I may. My 2014 Q7 has always turned over once, very slight delay then starts on the second turn over, never let me down in any season. Yesterday when back from shopping the boot was open and I tried to re start the engine, this time it really struggled to start with very slow turn over with a big gap in between the second, third and fourth turn until it started. I shut the boot and went in the house. Went out five minutes later and it was all fine without the slight delay as per usual. This morning all fine again. No codes from the reader to identify
  5. Hi all, when opening the boot on my Q7 using the boot button on the drivers door, when ready to close it, the boot button doesn't seem to work, the boot light is also not on. If I push the boot button in the divers door again, it almost seems to reset the boot button and it then works again, seems to be very intermittent. any ideas please, the car is covered by extended warranty so can get it looked at. It's a 2014 model.
  6. Tow bars for you based in the north east were excellent, did the job in around an hour and even offered me the strut that came off the car. Plugged in their laptop to allow the car to understand it was towing a trailer. Total job cost £675. Great company
  7. Hi Pete, got it checked and the towing assistance button was still on, thus keeping the dynamic setting unlit.
  8. Use sytner select in Leicester, blackbird road, got my q from, and q5 and spot on. Ask for Daryl. He will look after you.
  9. This sounds like you purchased from S cars ???? he has loads of them, all cut about and all with TVs screens and side steps. Avoid at all costs. Asked about trade in of my toureg top of the range and he tried telling me it was the mid range one !. Not a garage I would ever entertain so pass this on. He also has a lot of range rovers for sale
  10. Hi Pete, thanks for the reply. The boot button lights up but nothing. i have taken out a years warranty so it's all covered to be fixed. A vag workshop suggest it could be low pressure or if plugged in will report some error codes on the ecu so will find out soon enough. These are expensive motors so worth getting some cover if it's available
  11. Hi all, when choosing to change settings from comfort to dynamic, when I scroll to this option, it isn't highlighted so can't choose it. All I have is auto, off-road, comfort and auto, why is this ?? also the button in the boot to lower the back of the car doesn't seem to work, it lights up but nothing happens. any ideas guys ??
  12. Hi all, hope you are well. returned from a trip to France in my beloved Q7. jumped in it to go shopping and decided to change the suspension setting from comfort to dynamic but it's isn't an option on the mmi dial, it's not highlighted whereas the other options are available. can anyone help please as the button in the boot to lower the back of the truck also isn't working, has been a bit hit and miss since I purchased it 18 months ago.
  13. Hi all, wondering if you can help my reap wiper is always getting blocked up and now the front headlight washers never seem to work when I try and clean the windscreen. I have noticed the washer bottle needs filling up more often than before and there is some signs of blue screen wash on the pipes by the filler bottle running underneath the bottle. I can hear the pump pushing water through though and the front screen washes fine. I can see no puddles of water below but in fairness there's so much stuff in the way, it's hard to see. any ideas
  14. Il have another look Steve, thank you
  15. This is a bit of a silly question I'm guessing but in muddy or snowy conditions, if you put the driving mode to lift and it's highest suspension setting, does this literally give it the highest point or does it also change the diff setting too in order to offer more grip as 25mph is top speed my Touareg was set up for these options on the dial so wondered if such an expensive Q7 had this or was just a posh four by four !!
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