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  1. Sorry,actually found out wheel part number I require is 4F0.601.025.DG
  2. Do you not have AMI plug in the glove box?Ifyou do,you can get cable from Audi or Ebay.
  3. Merry Christmas and happy new year to everybody.Paul & family.
  4. Just a few words of caution to everybody on this forum,be very careful of a user with the ID of S3bonzo.He offers you stuff to buy,sends you pics of the so-called,you then pay with paypal,he says they are sent,then,you guessed it,nothing arrives.Says posted,but no courier or tracking.He then says he will refund and chase courier,but nothing.Paypal are sorting hopefully.Merry Christmas to all genuine users.
  5. Any kind person have the following alloy for sale. 8K0 601 025AA, the B8 A4 has a bore size of 66.5mm. "OEM" A4 B8 19 inch wheel is:- 8.5J X 19 et (offset) 43
  6. Automotive Compressor Repairs Ltd+44 (0)1932 571980 - Supplying the UK automotive industry with the highest quality standards for 10 years.
  7. Instructions in english,and harness comes with it.All you have to do is add a permanent live to box from radio unit.
  8. According to this,says 32gb,same as mine.
  9. Brilliant bit of kit,fitted in mine last week.
  10. Expensive mate,follow this,it works perfect.Very good forum.