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  1. Hi all I have a 2011 Audi A7 and find when I set the cruise control, the actual speed it shows I'm doing on the dash is about 4/5 mph slower. So if I set it at 70, the speedo will show I'm doing 65. This is the same at any speed I set it to, always slower than I want. Also, I've noticed my microphone when using my phone can catch a lot of background sound so who ever I'm talking to can't really hear me. I've tried adjusting the settings on MMi but that has not changed anything. Any help would be apprecaiated!
  2. Cheers for your replies guys.... It transpired the fault went away by it self and hasn't come back for a few weeks now. Glad it's gone as I knew it wouldn't be an expensive part, just a mammouth task to find what was actually causing the fault. Thanks for your replies!
  3. The cruise control seems to work fine albeit when I set the speed it's like 4/5 mph out of what is shown on the speedo. I.e when I set cruise to 70mph, it only shows as 66 on the head up and dashboard
  4. Hi All, Sorry my first comment on here is a negative one but I really need your help with issues with my Audi A7. I have owned it for a month and it is a Audi A7 TDi 2011. While driving on the motorway on a dry day, I have had a load of warning signals come up on my dashboard. The warning signals are as follows; ABS, TPMS failure, ESP, Auto/Start Stop disabled, vehicle parked too steep. The thing is, the car drives as it should apart from the start stop technology, handbrake works ok but the computer says it doesn't. I've tried a few searches which state it could be the ABS sensors that need cleaning or replacing? I have had a print out of the warning codes from the AA which are as follows; U111300 U101700 U111100 U112300 U107700 Please help as I am thinking mu already expensive purchase might cost even more :( Im based in Luton should anyone know a good mechanic. Thanks in advance