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  2. I’ve had this red line with the number 1 come up on my dashboard this morning. I’ve researched it’s something to do with trip memories but does anyone have any idea on how to get it off my dashboard? Thanks
  3. fu94

    tips for snow

    I bought my first audi recently and here in Ireland we have been hit by a snowbomb, has anyone any tips for driving in the snow? ive started using the comfort drive mode when driving in any snow. but that's the only thing I could think of in making it safer to drive in the snow. if anyone has any tips or tricks theyd be much appreciated, as I don't really want to damage my car in anyway.
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  5. Envy

    Headlight washers.

    Hi Gareth, I have seen the gelling effect you have experienced but not for a few years now the last time being in my 740 Volvo that seldomly got used. I have always ran the washers to empty recently and have not used tap water to dilute concentrate buying premixed. 5 litres of screenwash does not last long when the headlights also get a periodic shower too. I have experienced the "algae" buildup in diesel tanks in Africa too and the only option with them is to empty and steam clean them before replenishing, traces of the contaminant will only spawn more gloop. If I had the issue with screen washers now I would use a mild milton solution and flush the system through.
  6. Hello Richard, 'Supply voltage low' - can be due to high contact resistance onto the component. This can sometimes be rectified by spraying the connector plugs with contact cleaner and wiggling. Sorry, don't know where the component is on the car, but hopefully someone will come along with the answer. Kind regards, Gareth.
  7. Richardjones74

    Comfort system central control module voltage supply too low

    I've had the battery checked it's running fine
  8. inefilo

    Winter Tyres A5

    I upgraded my A5 to a Q3 and i have left for sale a set of 4 winter tyres 19 inch 255/35 in excellent condition. I thought they would fit on the Q3 but it came with 20" and will not fit even if I buy new 19" alloys. They were used only 3 months with very low mileage with 7.5 mm tread left. Purchased from new for over £1,000. They are amazing on wet surfaces and their performance is incredible on snow, specially with quattro in an Audi.I have seen similar A5 spinning on all fours up a small hill and I just sailed past on my winter tyres. Purchaser responsible for collection. Sittingbourne, Kent
  9. inefilo

    New Cross Climate Tyres

    Hi did you get your tyres at the end? I have a set of 4 Continental Winter Tyres 255/35 R19 96V MS ContiWinterContact TS830 P in case you are interested.
  10. Hi, I had something similar with my A5 but I sold my wheels and now I have a set of almost new Continental Winter Tyres 255/35 R19 96V MS ContiWinterContact TS830P, in case you are interested.
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  12. Jgeely


    What satnav/hands free for 2007rs4.
  13. Bigdave1230

    Dvd Fuse

    Do the electric seats still work? If they are heated does the light work on the dash board?
  14. Presented my 2015 A7 with 23000 miles to local main dealer for final service on the service plan. Was informed on collection that a serious noise had been found from the rear of the engine. This I was informed indicated a serious problem involving the timing chain. I could not hear this sound myself. The work to rectify this amounted to 35 yes 35 labour hours plus parts plus vat. Somewhere in the region of £5000. The vehicle is some six months out of warrantee and being a prestige Audi I felt I really didn’t require an extended warranty at this point. I was informed the the dealership had come across other A7s with the same issue and that there had been a change to some parts fitted to recent vehicles to avoid this problem I was told there was a possibility’s that Audi UK would foot the bill. In the event it transpired that they would meet the parts element and that the dealer would meet some more and that I still would be required to pay £2100 inclusive of vat. I managed to negotiate this down to £1500. My question is should I challenge this further. Is it really credible that a three year old A7 with such low mileage and serviced to shedual. It’s worth mentioning that I made a fuss about them not installing the available emissions upgrade upon presenting my vehicle for service. What should I do. Opinions please
  15. PeteB

    How was your day?

    Another of those nights where I didn't sleep well after Caz went. Could have lobbed the alarm out the window! Spent the phoning people and trying to organise stuff but nowt seems to work right at the moment! One chap hasn't paid when he should have, an enquiry comes in and I'm passing with the right machine but no time, someone wanted me to do a delivery and is now away when it can be done, an open day to be done on a Friday which is awkward as I don't fancy a truck load of kelter at mine all weekends, a coat and fleece I asked for hasn't been offered, an easy warranty claim seems to be sticking in someone's inbox unnecessarily and Tom wants to bugger about with cars on my drive again! The bank rang, the paperwork they needed about my lemon Q7 doesn't appear to be complete, they need an independent report on the damaged suspension, despite me giving them the two bits of paper from an independent confirming everything! Then they find that and on we give! They say it will be yet another three weeks! I hope they find in my favour as going legal online seensxa nightmare! Oh well, such is life. Caz has a lie in until 03:30!
  16. You're welcome, you'd be surprised how many electrical issues can be traced back to the battery. Cheers Steve
  17. When I've had this on my a6 with the same radio I just turn down the volume. There isnt any other way of doing it I believe. Cheers Steve
  18. Steve Q

    Dvd Fuse

    Besides the fuseboxes you've mentioned there aren't any others I don't believe. My advice would be to get an auto electrician take a look at them. Cheers Steve
  19. Steve Q


    You shouldn't have to cut the bumper bfor a swan neck or detachable type. Cheers Steve
  20. Magnet

    Headlight washers.

    Hello Tom, I won't bother to comment on the health check recommendations! Washers? - general, i.e. Including windscreen:- I too buy the neat fluid and tend to mix it 2:1 water to fluid, which is more than adequate to cover most of our bad weather requirements without freezing in the system. The problem I find is that the mixed fluid deteriorates fairly quickly and tend to form a 'goo' in the bottom of the reservoir which is really an algae , and this can partly clogg up the jets. My belief as that the neat solution had additives which prevented this, but not so. It you mix this solution in a container and leave that container for a couple of weeks, you will find it smells like stagnant water. Of course, modern cars have their reservoirs fitted down in the wheel arch, making it impossible to see the condition of the fluid. Such is my concern, that I now resort to filling the reservoir to no more than half full, so fresh top ups are more frequent. Any effect on your issue? Kind regards, Gareth.
  21. Envy

    Headlight washers.

    So Audi Bristol had the car yesterday. Turns out it was grime in the mechanism. It's a fairly complex assembly just to spray fluid on headlamps and this is possibly its downfall. In my defense and answering the question - I always use concentrated screen wash with "claimed" protection down to -15 Deg C. This is not only for antifreeze properties but also for an effective non streaking clean. While it was in Audi they also gave it the inspection treatment. Front tyres down to 3.6mm, Front brakes 70% worn and all three wiper blades needing replacing. I am beginning to think they think I am a lottery winner. £98 for wiper replacement. Near £600 for front brake renewal and around £450 for 2 new front tyres that do not need changing. I suppose grand surroundings require grand invoices. At least the car got a wash. Every cloud and all that
  22. Good day all. Need a bit of help please. I don’t know how to turn down the volume on my traffic announcements – they come on really, really loud !!! Thanks in advance - have added pic of my headunit for info
  23. Spencer C

    A4 radio upgrade

    This is an upgrade I'm also planning soon so all help/suggestions gratefully received !!
  24. stuartm1962

    Alloy wheel and tyre delivery

    We are offering a 10% discount to all forum members, on our alloy wheel and parts delivery services. We offer some of the lowest rates for alloy wheel and tyre delivery throughout the UK Please see our prices for wheels and tyres here To send car parts, please look here When booking, please mention Audi forum in the special instructions box and we will send you a 10% refund. Please pm me if you have any questions.
  26. Hi guys, I was looking for some tips how to solve problem with rear brakes. Caliper was seized. I found on you tube nice guide how to rebuild it step by step. I ordered on ebya repair kit with piston, and some cheap 90 deg long nose pliers. Three days ago i made the job and it works !!! so if enyone have some free time and a bit of manual skils can save some money. Link to youtube :
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