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Is there any other way of buying new keys for my b5 other than going to Audi dealer and paying £150 for key and a further £60-70 to get it programmed!!!??

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Hi Chris, the answer is unfortunately not. But if it's any consolation it's cheaper for us with older Audi's whereas owners with newer Audi's has alot more. 



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There was only one key for my 1996 A4 B5 when I bought it, as the previous owner was deceased, and I bought from his heirs.

Audi here in France quoted me a very high figure for more keys, I think it was over €300, but I found a specialist who cut and coded two keys for €50 each.

There was no code available for them via the diagnostic system, as my car predates codes being stored in the ECU.

He was able to read the code directly from the old key and reproduce the keys and chips on his rather clever machine.

If you contact a car locksmith you may be able to get keys made rather cheaper than from Audi.

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