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Energy management active a4 b8

Stefan Murariu

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Good afternoon everyone. I have a problem for a while now with my Audi A4 b8 avant and is starting to be really annoying. It started with radio not working for more than 2 min without engine running and now I have no "coming home" lights, message that battery will charge while driving, music starts every time with the first song on the playlist...... I have changed the battery twice. One bought it from eBay in march and last week bought another one from Halfords. I had a while back mounted a subwoofer straight from the battery but for a short time and a led strip with flowing lights but I just removed it and still nothing. Nothing else connected. I bought a Carly Vag OBD with the pro app and test it and is the same fault every time :
"CAN Gateway
Fault Code: P0BE1
Fault Explanation: Energy Management Active
CAN Gateway
Fault Code: P0BE1
Frequency: 1
Unlearning Counter: 115
Mileage at last occurence: 102252.805 mi
Details about fault status: A test failed since last fault clearing
Infos about fault priority: This fault only impacts the comfort
functions of your car."
Forgot to mention that I've been to kwik-fit in 2 location and one halfords and checked the battery and alternator and is all ok
Please advise me what should I do.


Screenshot_20181030-152457_Carly f VAG.jpg

Screenshot_20181030-152035_Carly f VAG.jpg

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Dead cell on battery, draw on the battery due to messing when connecting the sub and led strips. need to take it to an auto electrician who can diagnose it properly and certainly NOT kwik fit or halfords. take it to a specialist

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It seems the original poster has not returned here since a few days after posting the problem some 8 months ago. 

Of course opinions vary, and I would certainly go along along with your sound advice Phil to consult a trusted auto electrician if checking and changing the simple components do not solve the problem. Where my opinion would differ in this particular case is that within the bounds of probability, it would be unlikely that a total of 3 batteries ( 2 new) would be unserviceable - particularly when they have been tested by three separate battery-selling outlets.

It would have been interesting to know exactly what the problem was caused by.

Kind regards,


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