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1.8 TFSI fault - intake manifold flap position sensor


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I’ve had the following error code come up several times in the past couple of months and engine light comes back on within 2 days of clearing it and now at a bit of a loss at what to do next:

008213 Intake Manifold Flap Position Sensor (Bank 1) P2015 - Implausible signal

Research I’ve done online shows it could just require a clean up of clogged up parts in/around the manifold, could be a faulty wire or could require a completely new manifold.
  • One local garage (VAG specialist) quoted me £180+ VAT to take the manifold apart and find out the problem. They also said a new manifold would cost £380+VAT.
  • A second local garage I saw today said that garages don’t like looking at manifolds and it’s hard to estimate a cost even to investigate since they may stumble across more stuff that needs looking at. He recommended I go to a local tuning company (Avon Tuning) as they’ll be best placed to say what needs to be done.
  • I contacted the tuning company and they advised "a swirl flap deletion service, where we simply program out the function of the inlet flaps from the engine ECU so the flaps stay in the open position. The vehicle will drive in the same way as it does now, however this fault and associated warning light will no longer be present. Cost for this service is: £240 including VAT". The alternative they offered was a full diagnostic for £200 inc. VAT.
  • A third garage (VAG specialist) has advised £60 + VAT to diagnose but I think this is ‘just’ hooking up VAGCOM.
I’m not sure what to do next as I’m not very knowledgable when it comes to engines so don’t want to have the wool pulled over my eyes...

Have any of you come across this error or problem before? What would your advice be for my next steps? Interested in getting this sorted properly as I plan to keep the car for the foreseeable future (years to come).

Grateful for any advice...

p.s. have attached second error code which appears to have been triggered at a similar time as the first incase it's linked.
p.s. attached




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Hi mate I've got the same code popping up on my A3 at the moment, what did you do to sort this in the end?

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