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Audi Q2 Electrical Fault. Smell of Burning

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I have never been on a forum before however was told to go on here to ask for help and see if anyone else has had this problem.

I bought my first ever brand new car two years ago from Audi.  It's a Q2.  Last week I was driving and loud bleeping came on with red alarms on the dash board saying emergency stop.  A few seconds later the power steering went and I went straight into a hedge scratching the whole side of my car before having to emergency stop on a blind corner.  

Previous to this I had smelt burning a few  weeks before, which I had pulled over about three times thinking it was tyres.  My tyres are new and pumped up, so no problem there.

I called Audi Assist and the AA man plugged his computer in and says there were electrical faults wrong with my car, including the ABS fault and power steering fault.

He took my car away and I got a courtesy car.    A couple days later Audi made contact with me to say, are you happy for us to do more road tests because we don't know what is wrong with your car.   I of course said yes.... wanting to get to the bottom of this issue.       Audi have said there is something wrong with the electrics however they cant tell me what.

Because of the incident I was in, I know it wasnt massive, however it could have been.  It has knocked my confidence and I am now scared to pick up my car if the garage says they still dont know what is wrong with it.

I am unsure what to do as I am two years into my lease however I dont want another accident to happen with the electrics.  

If the garage can't tell me what is wrong with the car, then what are my options?  As I don't want this to happen again.  

Any help would be much appreciated,


Thank you 



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If Audi are admitting that there are ABS and steering problems with your car I would not accept it back until they have found the fault and can guarantee it's been fixed.

Hopefully they will resolve the problem quickly.


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