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Q5 problems

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I finally own a q5 3.0tdi and its a lovely car. Old model 2009 but its still a audi haha.

Recently bought it from a dealer near me and luckily for me I have a decent mechanic who looks after all my vehicles. Due to recent problems with the dealer I decided to have the vehicle fully inspected.

A few problems have come up and the dealer is quite happy to fix those problems aslong as I can identify everything he requires. Dont ask why but I dont trust his mechanic so I want to make sure I can get all this sorted.

Few Error codes from diagnostic :

00955 - Key 1 Lower limit not reached

00256 - AC Pressure temp sensor

02242 - Re lid Lock Button

00457 - AC electronics Control /J519

02615 - Fuel Cap thingy

Please correct me if I am wrong the AC errors can be fixed with re-gassing system ?, Rear Lid Lock Button ghost fault ?, Fuel cap ghost fault as works fine?, Key 1 and Key 2 new batterys ?

Im not so worried about these but any advice would be appreciated.

Now the faults im more concerned about are the physical parts from viewing underneath the vehicle which I do need help identifying. Unfortunately my mechanic is away and cant get hold of him lol.

I have attached photos to this and would greatly appreciate some help with it.

The main things that I have already told the dealership is a Service, DRL N/S headlight and MOT( Ball joints need doing).

A couple of them I already know but in the photos the first 4 im not sure what that is and the 3 last photos im not sure either.


















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