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Hi, I have had a A5 Cab 3.0tdi for about 6 months and picked up a 15 plate SQ5 last week so thought it a good time to join in, that and I have a DRL issue on the SQ5!  Both are 1 owner FASH cars, the A5 had 38k on it and has been faultless and now sits at 44k.  The SQ5 has all the extras I was looking for and has 88k on it.

The 3.0 tdi is a fantastic engine, the power comes in from tickover (unlike the 3.0sd X5 it replaced) and to sit at under 2000rpm @80mph in the A5 is staggering.

The SQ5 developed a DRL issue yesterday, N/S flickers once and remains out, the O/S is fine.  ATM I have turned the DRL off using Carista and will investigate at the weekend.

Previous Audis (many years ago) include a 100 avant (just prior to the A6 name) and an early 2.2 S6 avant.

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Welcome to the forum Tim, you'll find the members on here are a friendly and helpful bunch. The sq5 is a lovely car, sorry you're having issues. Please keep us posted on how you get on with your investigation. 



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