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Hi folks.

So i need some help as I'm still having trouble confirming the part number for the bottom rubber spring seat, all I've got is Part No# 4F0412066 but there's not a lot of info on the web which leads me to believe its either the wrong part number or there's a new part number for it.

I've found that part no# 4F0412109 is the Top spring seat but is it the same part no for the bottom spring seat?

Dealers wont tell me! I'm just missing this last bit before i can build my shocks & springs up.

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So part no# 4F0412109 is the bush that's fitted to the top mount. And it seems it's the same for the bottom spring seat bush.
But it seems that you can't actually purchase part no# 4F0412109!! Strange!!
Apparently I have to buy part no# 4F0412066 which is the metal spring seat and includes part no#4F0412109 ( 1 part no# for 2 parts)!! which I dont need.

So am I really having to buy 4F0412066 for the part I need "4F0412109" 

Is there anyone that's fitted Bilstein's that could shed some light on this as I'm baffled. Bilstein include the metal spring seatfetch?image=https%3A%2F%2Fd1q1xwhy5fvfvq.cloudfront.net%2Fimg%2FautodocHD.png&width=150&height=150 disk but not the rubber bush, Audi don't seem to sell part no# 4F0412109 without the metal seat disk.

What a faff!

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