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Hi Everyone


I had a fuel pump changed in my A3 around a month ago due to fuel pump failure. Driving home today the new fuel pump seems to have failed again after approximately 1000 miles. No warning lights appeared on the dash and no codes on code reader. I’ll check the pump fuse in the morning but before I replace the fuel pump again does anyone have any advice as to why the fuel pump would fail repeatedly. 



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Hello Andy,

Thanks for being in touch, and sorry to hear of your issues. 

A couple of back to basics to consider:- 

Fuses may not necessarily fail (blow), but the holder slot may have a high contact resistance and give a reduced voltage. The assumption from the fuse-not-blown check, is that the component it feeds is at fault. I obviously can’t claim this was the issue with your original pump, but if this car were mine, I would be treating all the fuses to a good spray of contact cleaner and a good wiggling, to ensure the contacts are clean enough to make good connection. 

The second consideration is that your new pump has actually failed. After 1000 miles though?? Not sure what make of pump you fitted, but if aftermarket, some components via. this supply route can be of highly variable quality and service life. Of course, unless you do a low annual mileage, the fuel should be replaceable under warranty if indeed it has failed. 

Kind regards,


p.s. Can we take it you have changed the fuel filter in recent times? If not, then it would be a good move to renew it (using only a good quality replacement) once you have your fuel supply reinstated. 

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In addition to Gareth's reply I would ask why the original fuel pump failed. If it was mechanical wear and tear then fair enough; but if it was an electrical fault or bad connection in the supply/earth/relay/wiring/fuse holder, then the same cause may still exist.

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