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A4 B6 2.0 FSI (AWA) - Couple of Issues.

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Hello everyone, new to the forum, as I have got a couple of issues I need to look at sorting out. Pretty much bought this A4 for £300, as it made for a perfect car for travelling around long distances in, and i've decided to keep it for another year or so. Having done about 10k miles in the car it's been pretty good albeit there have definitely been a few issues ill list them all below, and if anyone has any idea i'd be more than eager to hear solutions. I will say its a good car, and these issues are minor at most but do need fixing personally.

Cold Misfire  and Poor Starting (Awful this time of year)
Pretty much what it says, when I start the car it needs a bit of throttle to get it to fire into life, but in this cold weather especially it seems like the revs are all over the place flucutating within a 400rpm range and you can definitely hear the spluttering. Once it warms up it calms down and at most you can notice a very very small judder, too small to really register on the tach. I have to start the car with throttle 7/10 times as otherwise it just dies. When in motion it has never caused any issues even on 8+ Hour Journies.

Power Loss and Flashing EML (Rare to see this)
I dont often see this happening, only rarely when at high RPMs when overtaking or merging on long journeys, instant loss of power, flashing EML Light, and the car feels sluggish till it goes away about 30s later...Not something I have when driving about day to day. Thought it could be the Fuel Pump? But I doubt it.

Driver Door Speaker Wont Work (and now whole of driver side)

This happened almost randomly when I went to drive the car, noticed I had lost the speakers on the driver door, was going to fit bluetooth to the headunit tonight and noticed that I have now lost audio to the entire right hand side of the car. Thought it might be the door wiring harness, but now thinking it could be an issue with the Amp? As thats stock across all B6 Audis, but was wondering primarily if anyone had heard of this happening and dont fancy tearing off door cards if I dont have to, as not a fan of doing that.

But yeah those seem to be my main issues. Will dump a photo of the car, it's by no means immaculate but the paint cleaned up nice, it's just time to get around to fixing those issues mentioned above. It will be getting a Cambelt and Camfollower done with the MOT next month. So it would be ideal to get the rest of these jobs sorted with that




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