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Coil light again 🤬

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My coil light on 1.6tdi has been appearing after about ten mins of driving before the car gets to temperature. When Iv taken it to my local garage the light isn't on and running fine. When put on the code reader there has been no codes stored. Due to this I purchased a cheap code reader from toolstation. It has just happened, so I pulled over and got the code. P2279 Intake Air System Leak was the code displayed. Has anyone any ideas about this or what the problem could be? 

I've recently changed the battery and had a full service just before Christmas. The 2014 car had around 80000 miles and I mainly drive the car on motorways on a Sunday and Friday driving 100miles to camp and back. 

Many thanks in advance. 


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Local garage has had the car. No coil light on when dropping the car off. The guy has had it on his reader and no codes stored. Had a smoke machine hooked up and no leaks. Even took it for a 15mile trip to see if any problem happened again and nope nothing. Car running perfectly he said. He can't find anything wrong. 

Now Iv no idea what to do. Do i leave it and it might go away? Or leave it until the problem gets worse? Or sell the car and get something else? 

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Hello David, 

So can we take it that the coil light isn’t on now? If so, I would be leaving well alone if the car is running well. 

If the light returns, then I would be taking this to a trusted local diesel specialist, rather than an ‘ordinary’ garage. 

Sell it? ( because of this fault) -  I most certainly wouldn’t. You may simply acquire another vehicle with a different fault! 

Kind regards,


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