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Hello out there I’ve got 20l tdi s,line that had a re map done by previous owner it’s now over fuelling and just failed mot on emissions I don’t need the map on it so any suggestions on how to put standard map back on and where and who to use will be much appreciated 👍

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Hi, the first thing I would check is the catalyst as often as not with some of these lunatic mapping boys they fillet the cat and anything else in the way then do a remap I suspect thats why the previous owner has sold it as the engine ages it becomes harder to keep the emissions down, normally these remaps leave the emissions within acceptable limits unless other elements within the exhaust system have been tampered with.

Any reputable mapping companies such as Bluefin would have a suitable remap for your car but the problem is they are not cheap so check the physical items first, if you can contact the guy you bought it from and find out what was done and where it was done that would help, but again the problem is that a lot of these so called performance modifiers take the ECU out and change the chips in the unit which renders the unit scrap as once modified there is no road back the easiest route is buy a ECU from a scrapper that is the same year and model with the same part number as yours and get it coded to the car either way it won't be very cheap, the oldest advice in the world is if you want fast buy from the factory fast.


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