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Audi warranty


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Hi All

I am looking for some advice on an A7 warranty .When i bought the car it came with an Audi 24 month warranty .The car had done just over 17000 miles and was bought from a main dealers in Reading .In May i was going to  my sons in Poole .The car came up with a warning light so i pulled over on the M40.In the car was my wife my disabled daughter and a family friend i called Audi assist who took 4 hours to remove us from the side of the motorway on a red hot bank holiday with a railway line directly behind us and the busy motorway in front we were also below a bridge that just amplified all the noise it was a very distressing time for us all and only got worse , my daughter was becoming more and more distressed we had no water and the heat was getting more unbearable eventually we were taken to a service station after 4 hours on the hard shoulder  . We were then another 5 hours at the service station  before i was taken in a taxi to Birmingham airport to get an hire car. To cut a long story short my car went on a low loader to Audi main dealers in Harrogate and we continued on to Poole a journey that eventually took 18 hrs.

4 weeks before the incident Harrogate Audi had serviced the car and sent a video commenting on what great condition the car had been kept this car has done only 29000 miles .The car has been with them now over 6 weeks it is in bits the whole engine is out It would appear that the engine bearings are the fault. The cost for the car to be repaired is £23000 the warranty only covers for £5000. When i bought the car i was told it had a 2 year Audi warranty but now Audi are saying it is in fact a VW warranty with a mechanical limit. At no time did any one tell me this and i have no paperwork relating to this how many more people think that they have proper cover ?? I am now been put under pressure to pay the £15000 difference the stress is getting to me and i am wondering if any one has experienced the same issue             

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They should have told you who the warranty was with and that there was a mechanical limit. It's worth you speaking to citizens advice. Also there should be good will from Audi as they've sold you the car and has full history abd has now majorly failed at low mileage. You can also complain here: 


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