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Which Wheels Fit?

Chris S61

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I have recently had work done on my car which resulted in much work on the front end - steering rack, anti-roll bars, track rod ends etc. The garage undertaking the work (independent - not specialist) have advised me I have the wrong wheels on the car. I need to see if I can determine if this is actually the case or not. I have recently had the front wheels balanced yet I continue to experience - sometimes bad - vibrations at speeds above 55-60 MPH.

Can anyone advise if I do indeed have the wrong wheels on the car? I have attached pictures of the old wheel (flat tyre!) and the new wheel (full pic of car) - I believe the wheels I have on now came off an A6 (2015).

Any advise would be most welcome.

Thanks in advance.😊


Audi wheel A6_C6.jpg

Audi wheel A6_C6_2.jpg

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You're correct. The wheels on your a6 are from a c7 a6. It might be worth you looking on eBay or Google as to ehst wheels your spec should have come with as standard. But I do admit I find it odd that the wheels are the culprit. 

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