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Intermittent yellow coil flashing on dash..


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Hi all,

Have a 2014 A3 1.6TDI. Every now and again a flashing yellow coil like symbol comes on the dash. When it comes on it goes into limp mode, if i stop the car, turn the engine off wait a few moments start it back up its fine. It does it every now and again! Anyone had this before? There's no smell of burning turbo or anything like that. I suspected DPF? All my driving is town driving really.

Any advice is greatly appreciated!

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On my A6 C7 the glow plug warning light flashing indicated that the Pre DPF temperature sensor was failing. Not saying it is the same for yours but....

The lamp is a common fault indicator and you need to get the codes read to pin point the fault. 

If temp sensor then not critical when intermittent but will affect regen cycles long term resulting in possible future DPF blockage. 

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