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  1. An interesting development recently is Dyson withdrawing from EV development. With Dysons experience in power and motion I would have thought he would be very well placed to develop either a complete EV or at least EV drivetrain components unless he sees no commercial future in the EV industry and that some form of Bio or Hydrogen solution is poised to be the next best thing - liquified hydrogen anyone?
  2. Pop it into neutral or park before trying to start again. Strange the TC should cause the engine to stall out though.
  3. Is your A3 a hatchback? Look at the tail gate rubber if it is and also check any gutter drains around the opening of the hatch. For the water to be under the bench seat it is unlikely to be a rear door issue. Is the head lining dry? Next entry point could be antenna - is is rear roof mount? I would pull the trim from a hatch aperture and check carefully for sign of ingress. Had a Pug that leaked in the rear years ago and it was the hatch rubber at fault.
  4. Hi Matt - again interesting topic, many drivers of fossil fuel burning cars will read your post with interest knowing that there is a revolution coming but there is so much uncertainty regarding what will be the best next generation form of propulsion for transportation. With options for purely electric propulsion growing I for one follow it intently looking for something that will be viable going forward but unfortunately I do not believe battery only is the way forward. I only do 15k / year miles my daily commute being 70 miles but I do leisure miles including the rare 40 mile drive to visit family. My main concerns regarding EV are around range as you have already highlighted but also charge times (including waiting for public points to be available) and as we have all experienced with hand held devices - the battery falling off a cliff scenario where after a couple of years utilisation they will require charging more often than not. Lastly I do have my doubts whether the national Grid will be able to sustain a national EV only transport technology with the majority plugging into charge points overnight. I have tested an EV and have to say they have a future but I foresee a balance of EV and "other" propulsion systems where EV will be the vehicle of choice for urban utilisation and the other fuel be it bio hydrogen or flux capacitor will be the choice for distance and HGV Please continue to contribute to this forum - I understand your frustration regarding the performance of your new car - having cast an eye over one the last time I was in Audi I must say it ticks a lot of boxes if not the commuter option.
  5. Unpair and pair again - tried a few options before going back to basics. I cleared pairings on both devices just to be sure.
  6. Crikey - some folk need to chill out and let it go or Elsa they may blow a gasket. People can be poles apart but I think we are only just (after 2 years) hitting the tip of the iceberg.
  7. You will not have a SW option to do screen mirroring on the MMI you have in your car(s) The is no Graphics interface option in option that I am aware of unless you can try spoofing the reversing camera feed MMI advanced with the larger screen and SIM slot has google maps and audi connect etc but that is inbuilt Apps rather than shared..
  8. https://www.onlinecarparts.co.uk/hella-7995503.html
  9. https://www.ebay.co.uk/i/254292070820 - sorry saw this as N/S - have you scouted around the breakers
  10. Not sure you are looking for a fuse here. Short or open to ground would suggest an incomplete circuit ot at least an out of range voltage being recognised. Check all loom connectors - dry joints need cleaning and protecting. Sensor connections can degrade over time.
  11. Interesting that Audi have issued a recall for the auxiliary heater connectors on A7. Incorrect insertion of plug to heater may cause fire risk. Now I don't know if the A5 has the Aux heater option but my A6 does. May be age related too (mates A7 recalled is 2015)
  12. Just a heads up as a friend has just been contacted by Audi about a recall regarding the auxiliary heater in his 2015 A7. Possible fire risk if heater was not correctly plugged in at manufacture.
  13. The feet on my bars have a thumb key that you screw in to tighten the back plate pins into the locating holes in the cars roof rails. These do not need to be that tight and it is all done by hand. Once tight the thumb keys fold in to be locked in place with a key. If you decide to buy from Halfords then they will fit it all for you and demonstrate how too if you are uncertain. The method is simple and once you get hands on it will all make sense.
  14. Not a problem Paul, I went for the Montblanc ones but only because a friend sold his A6 and brought an A7. The roof rail system on the A6 Avant has loads of options but I would not shell out for the Audi ones when there are cheaper ones out there that are as secure. I would recommend locking feet though. If aero style bars are affordable I am certain these will reduce wind noise and drag but these can be a tad more expensive. It is so nice not having to be so precise when loading up for a camping trip but be mindful of the loaded weight of the car. you may exceed full up weight limits that are not normally a problem but in the event of an incident may be questioned by authorities.https://www.theaa.com/driving-advice/safety/overloading-your-car
  15. Hi Paul, I was a bit lucky when I bought mine 2 years ago as used a family discount card at halfords to by discounted vouchers which then qualified for additional discount in store. I recall it being around £219 (299£ online at the moment. I waited an age to try and get a decent 2nd hand one on Ebay but they hold their value well. The box is not that heavy but its size makes it a 2 person job to lift into place without risk to car paint and box finishes. I only have it on the car when I need it - Wind noise is not bad but is noticeable and mpg will be lowered when the box is on the car. I store mine in the shed and wrap it in an old duvet cover when not in use. https://www.halfords.com/camping-leisure/roof-bars-roof-boxes/roof-boxes/exodus-470l-black-roof-box