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  1. Envy

    Sat nav updates

    Have you tried putting a postcode into the "Town" entry cell?
  2. You only have one key? Risky! Try some of the following steps I found on the tinterweb Steps to reprogram keys to a car they are already linked to: 1. Press and hold the unlock key on a remote 2. Insert key in ignition and turn to on (while still holding unlock) 3. Hold unlock while in the on position for 2 seconds 4. Turn key to off, remove from ignition and release button. Do this for each remote. Relink to seat positions (press and hold mem position #, then unlock button for 2 seconds and release both) and done. To program new remotes on a car never l
  3. Should be as easy to downgrade a car as upgrade it - look at the original build label of the car (normally in trunk) and you will get brake specifics including OEM disk diameter - I would also have a little hope that it is only a disk and pad swap out as the calipers will run on a set diameter. Wish them luck from me.
  4. A4 is a good car with plenty of room for most - how well do you pack for going away is the question? I have an A6 Avant, kids are well out of pushchairs and I will put a roof box on for practicality at times putting light stuff up top. The A6 boot will swallow 4 big cases +4 hand luggage - some come with retractable load net that extends from seat back to roof lining stopping loose items coming into the passenger space and legroom is more than enough so my advice (if the budget will stretch) is go for the bigger A6 - As much car as you will ever need.
  5. Envy


    Been using non-Audi Adblue since the car needed it - pay less than £1/litre and get through around 10 litres every 6K miles. Purchase through Amazon with free delivery Adblue is a urea solution and a recipe that is hard to get wrong - for you own peace of mind get Audi DEF but IMO it is an unnecessary additional expense
  6. I am running Avon ZV7 - great on grip less on fuel economy - extremely quiet too. May not get the mileage of some options but always a trade off between grip and longevity.
  7. When you say rear left side is that passenger or Trunk - is your A6 Avant or Saloon version? I would not expect water do be from AC in the back - what makes you think it is from AC as all AC plumbing is under the bonnet. Check your door and scuttle drains for blockage
  8. Short runs are a Diesel Killer - DPF and EGR may come and haunt you. The short run economy return in relation to infrequent longer trips suggest to me that you should consider a petrol TFSi alternative. My 2.0 Diesel is enough to get anywhere in a suitable hurry but the 3.0 diesels are incredibly fast. Make sure, if you go for the Auto, that the Gearbox has been serviced properly at the correct intervals. An expensive service item Quattro should not give you any trouble - Was one of my must haves when I first started looking for a new A6 - add to that the Tech Pack
  9. If the air-box lid was passing air either way this will have confused the ECU. With airflow monitoring pre and post air filter it is possible that this would have caused excessive soot but it should not have been in the engine bay. Soot in the engine bay would suggest a blowing exhaust / turbo manifold or around the EGR Valve.
  10. Just a heads up that Friends are selling their A3 - add below. Nice car for the money with lots of extras boxes ticked from new. https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/202007111128004?radius=1500&model=A3&advertising-location=at_cars&sort=distance&postcode=sn126bq&onesearchad=New&onesearchad=Nearly New&onesearchad=Used&make=AUDI&page=1
  11. Cashed in and emigrated I would say - or sold it for £50 and is now ruing their decision.
  12. Someone believes differently https://www.gumtree.com/p/bicycles/audi-cross-pro-mountain-bike/1334930282
  13. Hi Gareth, I use Green Flag. My 16 plate A6 and a 06 plate Pug 307 are covered but the cover extends to personal cover so any car my Partner and I are in other than Hire Cars. No reclaiming recovery costs but they use contractor recovery agents nationwide through a central call centre that hands your case onto the contractor. Around £130 / year. Would be cheaper but the older car loads it up some.
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