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  1. On my A6 C7 the glow plug warning light flashing indicated that the Pre DPF temperature sensor was failing. Not saying it is the same for yours but.... The lamp is a common fault indicator and you need to get the codes read to pin point the fault. If temp sensor then not critical when intermittent but will affect regen cycles long term resulting in possible future DPF blockage.
  2. A mate had issues with his A7 air suspension after having a towbar fitted. Have you had the system reset / calibrated on a near perfect level surface? It seems to be a bit of a black art getting it set back up right but when plumb should not give you any further trouble.
  3. Totally agree with Gareth - springs should be changed in pairs to maintain a handling balance - please also check the seating of the offending spring by jacking the car up. Had a bad experience of a broken spring moving and tearing the inside tyre wall out whilst driving. Do not want to scare you in any way but its not a job to put off for too long. My A6 is now being taken care of by a local specialist using genuine Audi parts. All service work is done to schedule and updated on the online records. A quick Google search will help you find the best option and recommendation on here can be a valuable thing. Shame mine is too far away. The Audi main dealer experience is not a bad one but does come at a cost - the free coffee and muffins must contribute to the £100+ labour costs.
  4. I did not comment on it being a MAP sensor fault. My issue (failing exhaust gas temp sensor) if left unchecked and left to fail more often / completely would have led to a loss of regen functionality that would in turn screw the DPF. No explicit dash warning to identify the sensor but a glow plug warning and momentary engine warning light were the trigger to get it investigated by a specialist that charged nothing for the diagnostic work.
  5. Read my original post on this thread ^^^^
  6. Sensor was the Pre DPF exhaust gas temperature sensor.
  7. So sensor has been replaced at a specialist with OEM type for the princely sum of £215. To go at 70K miles a little disappointing.
  8. Have you seen any glow plug warning light? Mine started flashing up the Glow Plug warning light intermittent and then an ECU warning that went away in its own time too. I took it to my local specialist who read the logged faults and a failing exhaust gas temperature sensor was identified. Seems to be a notorious point of failure and can effect regen cycles if left unfixed. Not surprising considering where the sensor head sits and what it is exposed to. The fault on mine is intermittent and have booked it in for replacement during next service at soonest possible date.
  9. Best price I could find was from this place-: https://www.yell.com/biz/kb-mobile-tow-bar-fitting-and-supplies-corsham-7817385/ Good price, punctual and tidy job. Only issue may be the 50 mile radius but you are on the cusp.
  10. Just in case they get a little excited with the pricing see link below - they should have checked this when changing out the pads. If the dash light is on then the sensor is done. https://www.eurocarparts.com/search/106440178?type=shopping&gclid=CjwKCAjw87SHBhBiEiwAukSeURuOF5D_f3rGSYyZVbcgMW-u5v76NwInXX3FaDeMtmAfH7PfCEn0PRoC-FUQAvD_BwE
  11. The warning light is controlled through a sacrificial contact connected to the brake pads (normally on only one side of the car) If this is not replaced when the contact is exposed / broken then the warning will not go. They are normally a separate order item aside pads / disks
  12. Do you have roof bars for the Saloon or Avant? On my avant the roof bar feet clamp onto the roof rails. On the saloon the applicable feet will clamp under the roof ionto the door frame.
  13. Unless it was selected at options level the Phone tray does not have wireless charging, it will amplify GSM signal so worth keeping phone there on all counts of legality and practicality. I am surprised you do not have 2 x USB and a 3.5mm Jack point in centre console too. Does it have the SD cards and SIM slot in MMI facia in dash? Between my iPhone the SD Cards and a USB flash drive I have all the music I can eat. The Command button on the steering wheel initiates the voice commands. I use one USB socket in centre console to charge phone.
  14. Its not on my 2016 C7 with Tech Pack - I recall it being a selectable option before becoming standard shortly before the C8 was released. If you are lucky you will have it
  15. A friends A7's air suspension went out of calibration after having a tow bar fitted. Path of least resistance is to check for audible leak around corner in question when raising or lowering car, any indication of movement, sensor connection (I would expect a sensor fail on air suspension to show up on fault scan) calibration next then consider looking at air distribution / control module / strut replacement. If you have air on 3 corners compressor should be ok so it is down to control onwards.
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