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  1. Cashed in and emigrated I would say - or sold it for £50 and is now ruing their decision.
  2. Someone believes differently https://www.gumtree.com/p/bicycles/audi-cross-pro-mountain-bike/1334930282
  3. Hi Gareth, I use Green Flag. My 16 plate A6 and a 06 plate Pug 307 are covered but the cover extends to personal cover so any car my Partner and I are in other than Hire Cars. No reclaiming recovery costs but they use contractor recovery agents nationwide through a central call centre that hands your case onto the contractor. Around £130 / year. Would be cheaper but the older car loads it up some.
  4. Envy


    3rd wheel option for me (unless I had to clean them weekly)
  5. I understand that VAG use the same lamp for cornering as well has fog.
  6. Envy

    Fuel Door

    Look behind boot trim on side of fuel cap - should be red ring handle. Next is to seek replacement solenoid
  7. Q7 notorious for bad earthing - earthing strap from body to block breaks down causing low battery symptoms. May or may not be your issue here but cheap fix if it is
  8. Check the drain holes on the underside of your doors - any noticeable water in the doors? If they do not drain they may fill to a point where they leak into the cabin through the door card
  9. Gearbox is oil and filter change and not a simple drop and replenish for the s-tronic at least. Every 40k miles and around 250£ at a main dealer.
  10. As with any new car: full service history is a must and if you are looking at the Auto gearbox be sure that it has had the correct services done - the gearbox service can be pricey but if not done can bring all sorts of headaches. The s-tronic box if serviced can be so sweet though with imperceivable gear changes prodigin seamless drive. Other usuals include cambelt service and see that the waterpump was done at the same time. Larger engines have cam chains and these come at a premium at change time. Quattro is another plus as is tech and seat packs. Original options again added to the original purchase price but make a real difference to car ownership. Alloy wheels can start blistering with age and diamond cut alloys a mare to maintain. The A6 is a real workhorse and solidly put together with ample space inside - take you time and drive a few to get a feel for what feels right and wrong in the car. Good luck with your quest.
  11. Having known an Audi owner experience this issue and seeing how many threads there are online regarding it I personally would replace the solenoid. Lube spraying may work for an unknown duration but will remain a temporary fix. Until the next time you go to fill up and have to resort to the "emergency" cord or as some would do - use the cord instead permanently. It is down to preference and convenience. It may be a voltage supply issue to the device and is an easy check but I would be surprised if Audi do not have the item in stock seeing so many failures.
  12. Envy

    Engine oil

    Reduce Engine oil is an ominous warning if true as it would suggest either over filling or something adding to the oil level. Without a dip stick you cannot easily pull one out and get an idea of oil quality but there are stories of old where regen overfueling has added unburnt diesel to the engine oil. Note the detrimental effect that any unsuitable fluid will have on engine lubrication. With the car being a year old I would be getting onto Audi smartish to have them check it out. It might be a slight overfill, it may be a failing sensor or it might be the additional fluids. My tech knowledge of the engine is low but general knowledge would guide me to having the oil quality checked sooner rather than later. Question: HAs your oil quality dropped - has it been picked up by a drop in miles to next service?
  13. So you have the conventional speedo and rev counter in the dash? Do you have a digital readout in between them that you can scroll through? Changing the Clocks will be a royal PITA but do the French accept the centre readout being km? If your car supports it (2007 is a fine vintage) can you change the readout units to metric? You will get L/km and kmh if the feature supports it but I would doubt that this will satisfy EU vehicle standards. My other suggestion is to do the old motorcycle import trick (if it exists as mph to kmh) and get a speedo overlay http://www.clusterrepairsuk.co.uk/kmh-to-mph-dials/model/audi-a6 Good luck