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Please help black smoke no power


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Hello can anybody please help me I ha e 06 A4 tdi 2.0 which I not long ago bought so what’s happening is car runs ok when cold soon as hits operating temp feels like a misfire and chucks loads black smoke i have checked hoses for leaks all look fine . Removed hose from turbo spins freely ... a friend told me could be turbo 😟 but if it’s ok when cold would that not rule out turbo any help much appreciated 

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Hi, its most likely the EGR valve is staying open it only opens when the engine is warm but i think its opening and staying open when warm, if the turbo shaft that runs the vanes has no real sloppy up/down movement I think you can forget that one.


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Thanks for the reply 😁it’s bin a pain Would you suggest cleaning and putting back together or blanking it off... one thing I didn’t put in my post was there is also a turbo Siren noise could get cause that ?   Any help appreciated I have a garage ready to change turbo but want to eliminate other things first. Would a computer fault reader tell me the exact problem thanks 

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