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18” wheels, sports suspension, ride worry


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Hi All,
Hope you are all well.
I joined this forum because I wanted to ask about firmness of ride.
I have just ordered my wife a Q2 S Line. It’s not a completely new order, but one that was already in the build schedule, so we have been able to add/change a few things (added C&S pack, changed colour to Arrow Grey, added dual zone climate control and flat bottomed wheel). It comes with 18” wheels and sports suspension, but have been watching/reading some reviews from the motoring press and they seemed negative about the ride quality with this set up. I have spoken to the dealer about changing from Sports suspension and he said it wasn’t possible without changing the trim level? Just wondered if anyone else had this set up and how they found the ride? It’s going to be a second cat so not doing massive mileage. Also, wonder if the motoring journalists are too picky and most of us ‘normal’ people won’t notice any difference. Thanks for your help. Take care.

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Thanks. I did test drive one when we ordered, think that may have even been a Black Edition with 19" wheels, and didn't obviously notice anything, but TBH wasn't that focused on the ride. Was concentrating more on the performance of the 1lt engine (which seemed fine for what the car will be used for). It was only afterwards that I starting reading some of the press comments. I suppose that could be a lesson in the dangers of 'over googling'. I just posted on here to see if anyone in the 'real world' had any feedback. Thanks again and take care!


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Hello Paul,

Anything with sports suspension (S line?) will be inherently harder on suspension than its non-sports equivalent. 
I’m not fully conversant with the options, but am I right in thinking that to get certain toys and trims, then you are governed by these only being available via. S.Line for example?

In other words the buyer buys in to the things that attract, but maybe if ride quality is an important factor, then some of this has to be traded off. 

Can I be excused for thinking that appearance/attractiveness has become more important than the quality of the ride? 

If you add to this (and I don’t think you are) the apparent attractiveness of larger diameter wheels with inherent lower profile tyres, then this simply aggravates the ride situation.

As Steve says, you need to drive one (again?) with the actual specification you have ordered, to ensure you can live with the ride quality. 
Kind regards,


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