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MMI issues


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Hi there. 

We have 2 issues and wonder if anyone can help. 

Our Q3 seems to mute the radio whenever we first enter or start up the car. We then to choose the radio function to switch it back on. 

This also happens when we reverse the car, and the sensors seem to “knock out” the radio. Does anyone have any idea on how to stop this?


On the virtual cockpit, if we choose to have a minimal dash ie to have the road speed minimised from the centre to the bottom, this action always has to be taken whenever we start the ignition back up. It’s almost as if it doesn’t remember, or can’t store a revised default setting.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance for any support tor advice and thanks for reading. 

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When your parking sensors are active, they will reduce radio volume. 

I'm sure you can adjust that in the settings menu. 

You might want to check the settings for your startup issue too. 

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