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wired Andriod Auto to wireless

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Hi All,

My 2020 Q5 55 has wired Android Auto.

Has anyone used a wired Android Auto to wireless device?

I've seen a device called AAwireless which seems to do the job, but it connects via bluetooth.  Of course my phone is connected by bluetooth direct to the MMI for phone call and text messages, so not really ideal.

Any suggestions or other devices on the market that may connect using WIFI instead of bluetooth?

Thanks in advance for any advice.



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I have an AA Wireless which I use on my Q5

It works very well although sometimes the connection of my watch, the audi mmi and the AA Wireless leads to minor problems. 

So you can still have your phone through mmi. 

The big improvement is that recently with Waze I can now have a route on AA and my virtual cockpit still works and can have an alternative route. Initially the virtual cockpit map was disabled. 

I'd say that there are 2 main issues

1. The audi wireless charger is abysmal 

2. Android Auto functionality is OK but Google keep messing it up. 

However, AA Wireless is an excellent product 👍 

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Hi Shytot,

Thanks for your reply.

As my Samsung Galaxy phone has 1 bluetooth transmitter/receiver, how does it connect to the MMI and also AAwireless together?

I'm just worried i'd lose one function over the other.

Where did you get the AAwireless?  I found one on ebay, but it is £125.  Is that expensive?  Do you know of any other good options?


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Hi Joe 

I'm using a galaxy s10e

I'm believe that the AA Wireless unit operates over WiFi.  When connected the AA Wireless appears through the smartphone connection area on the menu. 

Also I'm pretty certain that Android Auto is specifically designed to take control of your phone in the car and probably bypassing your mmi unit. 

You can buy the unit from here 


It's crowd funding so delivery may be months not days. 

You can also read all the comments and support items to see if it's for you. 

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During summer months it really doesn’t bother me to plug the phone. But now with winter upon us also come layers of jackets with the phone zipped in a pocket somewhere, plus gloves and then the convenience of wireless connectivity is really enticing.
On my end I had random troubles with cable CarPlay, especially navigation (either Google, Apple or Waze. It always happens after a relatively short stop of the car, like at grocery or shopping, never first thing in the morning. I got me a Chinese wireless CarPlay Adapter called Carlinkit 3.0 at  https://carlinkitcarplay.com/ for $99. It worked seamlessly for a couple of weeks, then it started failing to detect the phone. On second reading the owners manual I found out that for first pairing it had to be connected via Wifi in addition to Bluetooth, away from the home WiFi the phone connects automatically so I drove a couple of blocks away and did a restart from scratch 3 weeks ago. So far it has worked fine.

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