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key fob battery change


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On 12/26/2021 at 11:14 AM, jossgas said:


A3 just under a year old. key fob change battery warning light showing on both keys. Is this normal? 2nd key never been used. How long will I have to change battery.

Is this easy to do?

Yep, just go to tesco & buy 2 batteries for £4.50. Dead easy to replace.

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Just changed both keys fob batteries for my A3 8y not sure when the last person changed them. NOT VERY easy to flip the back off the fob, especially with the key inserted like it shows in the owner's manual, i ended up using a flat headed screwdriver, can't see the little tab lasting that many battery changes.

As far as i can gather, owners with the advanced key are more likely to change the fob batteries more often because the fob is always in contact (transmitting) to the car. 

it also helps if you use established well-known brand batteries to lessen change frequency...

Strange though i had an Audi TTs with Advanced key and never changed the fob batteries in three years... but the A3 8y is more technically advanced today so the battery fob change is the rub off????

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