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Extended warranty

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I have a 2018 Q8 bought with an extended warranty. The Adblue tank and control unit are faulty and will be replaced under warranty. The fault caused a leak and damaged electrical wiring. I have been told that I have to pay for the wiring as it's not covered under the warranty. Am I within my  rights to argue that as the tank, which is covered by the warranty, caused the damage I should not have to pay for the wiring?

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Hello John,

Thanks for being in touch.

I would think your logic holds water - which is more than your Adblue tank did!
As you say, the damage to the wiring is s a result of the ‘insured’  faulty tank, so you would expect this consequential damage to also be covered, but the devil will be in the detail of the warranty, which no doubt they sold you, but like most of us, you didn’t bother to read the small print before signing - who does?

All these warranties are insurance backed, so you would expect ‘normal insurance experience’ to apply here. 
Their failure to cover consequential damage is rather akin to your house insurers only agreeing to pay for the repair to your burst water pipe, but not cover any damage caused by the flood of water - that would be unreasonable, and I think your case could follow the same logic - but as said, the devil is in the detail. 
Could you please come back to us John, and let us know how you get on.

Kind regards,


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