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B8 avant dash cam wiring

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can somebody help me please


i have a hardwire dash cam kit ( garmin )

has black yellow and red wire ,

what fuse can I use please and should the yellow and red wire be joined ??


many thanks 



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I don't think the red and yellow should be joined.

The red and yellow will probably be the two live feeds, one will be for ignition-on only, which will need a switching fuse (or feed), and the other will be to run off the battery when the ignition is off (for parking mode) and will need a fuse (or feed) which is always live. 

The manual should say which is which. The switching fuse/feed is how the device knows when the car is turned off and for the camera to go into parking mode. When it detects the drop in voltage in the switching fuse/feed it will automatically switch to the other live feed connected to the fuse/feed which is always live. And visa versa. 

The black will be for ground. 

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