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Broken mmi worth the read


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I have a 2021 A3 tfsi-e, I have also suffered from the dreaded issue with the MMI system, I’ve got all of the updates because my vehicle is a fleet vehicle so it’s all covered under warranty is with the manufacturer plus I have to do it to keep it  validated because it’s fleet. So it has been in for the usual updates that were carried out in the middle of last year, not really had too much issue with the system, but would sometimes not let you login as main user, so didn’t worry about it too much. Audi said it was okay until the end of August this year.


At about the third week in August. My screen went blank. I’ve read a few posts about blank screens, and I would like to tell you what is happening, so my vehicle went into Audi where I received a courtesy vehicle just so that you know I’m currently onto my third courtesy vehicle because they keep swapping me around because I’ve had it that long. The blank screen, and it’s not coming back on is because the MMI system has blown up the blank screen is broken dead. There is no replacement parts. There is no replacement parts in the whole world. I know this because I’ve been looking since August for one for me and we are at the end of November and I’m still in the same situation  the cannot get hold of the material to make the part and Audi have no reason to build the pass so there is no estimated dates because there is no dates. I have become aware that this issue is massive and Audi aren’t recalling the vehicles but they should be I’m lucky  because I have somebody I know who also has an 83 and the same dealership has recalled the car for the issue that mine had, and she was told that it was precautionary because of the MMI blowing up!!!


So the reason Audi have my car is because it’s on driveable that’s what they’ve deemed us with it being hybrid. You need to be able to turn the engine on through the screen which I can’t do. Therefore I can’t drive the car I could if I was willing to drive it on battery only bought the problem with that is that is a maximum of 30 miles, and if anybody else has got a hybrid vehicle knows that’s not realistic my daily commute 70 miles. 


If anything changes which I don’t think it will this year. My lease is due to end February 2024. I hope I get it back before then, but I’m not hopeful not very helpful at all.

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55 minutes ago, Steve Q said:

Sorry to hear of your issue. Let's hope Audi can get to the bottom of it soon. However with the ongoing mmi issues I wouldn't hold my breath. 

It’s not hopeful, the mmi has issues I do get that I have had some of the issues raised, like not being able to log into account and the reboots etc, it’s the fact that they really don’t seem to want to help resolve the issue, it’s like oh we will just wait for a pet to become available… they say they cannot source a new mmi at all but then you see all these new a3’s so like where did the mmi come from??? They just want as many new cars on the road as possible and don’t care about existing customers.


my cars hybrid 200bhp auto 70 plate 

1 st courtesy car was an 18 plate 1 L petrol, 78 brake horsepower seat Ibiza manual, after a complaint look I’m paying for an Audi why am I driving a seat ?? They talked me into car number two…

2022,22 Reg Audi Q2, 30 TFSi 1 L petrol manual, got it with 5000 miles on the clock and drove it for about 4000 mile, that’s on top of the 1500 mile I did in the seat…. Phoned them because it needed a service, to be told that they had actually sold the vehicle and they needed it that day which wasn’t possible told them I could have it the day after in the afternoon which was about 2 1/2 hours out my day by the time I drove there and then drove back….

Currently on car number three, which is a Audi Q2 1 L 30 TFSi 72 plate registered the day I picked it up approximately two weeks ago and it had 5 miles on the clock still had all the wrapper on the seats etc

No, obviously they have new cars and they are supplying me with new Audis but these are not my car and they’re not hybrid. It’s cost me more petrol and I don’t know why anybody doesn’t understand that I have now driven three cars that I’ve devalued that I’ve been taken off the forecourt and all I want is my car back… 

Stand that these are given free which is handy because I have no access to any other vehicle, but I am just so frustrated because there is nothing I can do. There is nothing Audi can do. I’ve spoke with Audi Customer Services and there’s nothing they can do. I’ve spoke to the fleet company and there’s nothing they can do. I’ve spoke to the financial Liz company that do the NHS lease and there’s nothing they can do is just absolutely frustrating it’s not my car it’s not the car I’m still having to pay monthly payments on I just think I’m very frustrated at this point.

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