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Audi Coupe 20v 7a 1991

Paul Ryan

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Hi all

So I've owned the Coupe below since new 1991 I should think it's probably the last 7a in the country with the original owner.

However it's got to the stage it needs a restoration and that's to much for me, I'm to old and so is the car.

If anyone is interested  please email me Pryan-29@outlook.com. its on here until the 28th after that the Scrape/Salvage guys are booked to collect the car.

Good bad Points

It not a museum piece and has 250 thousand miles on the clock but does start and drive.

Engine needs a rebuild and probably a rebore I changed the head gasket but wasn't to my satisfaction and although it runs has only covered maybe 10 miles since and has been parked up.

Gearbox brakes etc all fine.

Bodywork no rust but has been round London for thirty years so needs sorting and a respray would look fab.

Has a mostly fitted leather interior i was nearly there just the back of the rear seats to fit but managed to slip a disk and spent three weeks recovering hence given up

will be included of coarse.

Has some of the usual problems with these although the boot doesn't leak the drivers door does let in water in heavy rain.

Have a collection of spare parts I've collected over the years I'll include with the car.

So please forgive the probable amateur style here but not used to all this feel free to ask me any questions.

The car (Herman) has been with my family for many years and if someone could recue it of at least use it as a parts car would be fab.

Best regards Paul











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