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A6 c5 DRL fitting

Steve Q

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By Thomas Lanz 

DRL in my Audi A6 4.2 Quattro
I just want to show you my Solution for Daytime Running Lights in my Audi C5. Was posting a Video few Minutes ago, got some Requests to do a Write Up. Ok, I will do this here 😊
First of all I had to do DRL on my Car because in Switzerland you need to have Light all Day. Everybody of you which ever disassembled a Headlight which was well used, then you know that running Xenon Lights all Day long will massively wear out your Xenon Burner and your Projector. 
Beside this the Dash Lights and Rear Lights will run also whole Day and wear out also.
I don’t like to add some additional DRL Lights. Often they Look Cheap and don’t look good on older Cars. On other C5’s, I just powered the High Beam Lamps to 25%, see the not very good Picture from the Black S6.
On my A6 4.2 I have Xenon Plus, so it is not possible to go with this Solution.
Now in my A6 4.2 I simply integrated DRL in Turn Signal Lights with Special BAU15S DRL Bulbs from China. See Pictures. To check if DRL Works, I added a Control Light on the Light Switch.
This is what I did;
- Added a new Wire from the Light Switch, DRL Pin, to an additional Switch, in the Storage Department left underneath the Steering Wheel. Have this Switch to Switch Off the DRL if I don’t want.
- From here I added a Wire to the Fuse Box. Added a Fuse in an Empty Slot, so I have cleanly Fused DRL.
- From there are three Wires… one back the Light Switch, for Control LED, the other ones to the Left and Right Headlight
- On the Light Switch I made a little Hole with low Power LED behind for DRL Check Light. Don’t have Pictures here
- To install the Bulbs I had to bore small Holes in the Bulb Holder… Then Cut the Cables from the DRL Lights, pull the DRL Cables through the Holes in the Bulb Holder, install the Bulbs, solder Cables together, seal rest of the Hole with Silicone and install the Bulb Holder with new Bulbs in the Headlight. Then Connect with the new DRL Wire. Done!
The Bulbs will work as DRL now, if you use Direction Light the DRL Switch off on this Side and then Switch on again.
Like this Solution very much. Does not change the Look from the Car and I don’t need to wear out my Headlights!





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4 hours ago, Audia6man said:

Wouldn't it be cheaper and better to install front round fogs at bottom and use them for drl, I use mine for drl all the time looks realy good as well, instead of doing what you did. 

I personally didn't do this mod. I was just sharing something someone else had done to give inspiration to others. 

Your way works just as well. Would you be willing to do a how to guide? 

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