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Ticking/tapping noise Audi A6

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Hello all,

new to the forum!

I have just purchased an Audi A6 Avant - 2.0TDI, very happy with the car overall but I have noticed a ticking/rattling noise coming when under acceleration - it’s really quite annoying and I can hear it even with the radio turned up. It sounds like it’s coming from the drivers side footwell. 
Any advice or recommendation would be gratefully received!



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Can't really make anything out in video Phil. 


Could be somethings fell into that area maybe have a poke around and investigate further...


Only thing I can think of is brake disc plate sometime get corrosion and come loose.

Total guess work tho .

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If you e bought it within the last 30 days then get it back to the garage you bought it from as they should fix it FOC 

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