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Road noise tyre question


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Hello Fellow Q7 owners. Yes, I took the plunge. Just bringing it up to my spec to suit me. This of course includes new boots on every corner. At the moment there are cheap crap tyres on the car. The road noise is unbearable. So (gets anal) I'm looking at tyres with low db rating. Falken azensis fk510 has the lowest rating @ 70db. 

Anyone have any experience of these or other brands and can disclose their thoughts on road noise given off by the brand of tyre they're riding on.

Pirelli and others come in at 73db 

As ever thanks in anticipation. 

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Hello David, 

I wonder if it would be wise to treat tyre manufacturers claims in the same light as you treat car manufacturer’s fuel consumption figures-? 
Falkens have been mentioned on other forums as a reasonable alternative to some of the common high end brands, but in reality how much difference are you going to practically enjoy between a 73 and a 70db tyre? 

I don’t have any personal experience of Falkens, so apologies.

SteveY on here is likely to be your best bet since he covers high mileages and is almost certain to have built up more experience than anyone on the relative merits of many brands. 

Not sure if my limited experience will be of help, but a family member has had far greater mileage than expected - without complaint of road noise- from a set of Pirelli Scorpion Verde ( all season ) tyres on a similar size 4x4, and a only yesterday had an unbelievable good deal ( and fitting service) from National Tyres ( Halfords) on the replacement set. 
Kind regards,





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