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Audi Q8 - Tank System Malfunction / Fuel Gauge Sensor 2

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Hi everyone,

I own Audi Q8 2018. Last year I have experienced issues with my fuel level sensor 1 it was showing random fuel level and changing all the time, so that was replaced and everything was working until now. Since last week, I am experiencing the following issue:

  • No Fuel level is shown on dashboard
  • Tank System Malfunction 
  • Carly Diagnostic Fault - Fuel Gauge Sensor 2, Resistance too high (B10581B)

Sometimes after driving for a while the fuel level is shown and all errors disappear, but after leaving the car parked and starting it again the same thing happens and no fuel is shown. The strange thing is that this time it says sensor 2 and I have spoken with 2 different Audi dealership and they say that there is only one fuel level sensor and that was replaced last year. It looks like this time there is some issue with the wiring or the plug, because no information about fuel goes to the dashboard and at some point it starts working after parking the car then it stops again.

Any suggestions would be really appreciated. 

Thanks a lot



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The strange thing is last year it was a faulty sensor and then the fault was fuel level sensor 1(on the fuel pump) so that was replaced and everything was working since last year, now it says sensor 2, but audi says there is only one sensor..... Also the issue last year was that it was showing random fuel level, whereas now it doesn't show/receive any fuel level....... and at some point it receives correct amount of level then it disconnects again....

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