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Certain lights not working

Ellie hewitt

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Thanks Ellie,

My normal first port of call is to eliminate any fractured wires within the flexible harness section into the tailgate/boot, but I feel your car isn’t generally oiled enough to suffer with this problem at this time. Worth an elimination though -?? 
Do you have a multi meter,  and are you handy with it? 
If not, then I too would suggest you leave this in the hands of a trusted local auto electrician. 
Kind regards,


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Hi James , 

This melts because the connectors are not insulated enough,  or tight enough , and so this causes arching . When you have Live Neutral  Earth Pins that are too close, this causes heat dissipation ( not unlike arc welding ) . The way to remedy this would be to fit a more robust socket with greater distance between the pins along with corresponding plug . Making sure there is greater distance and a better quality plug and socket that has close fit  . Also check the Earth .

Where a wire joins the resistance ( ohms ) becomes very low almost zero so a  a very high current starts flowing and this is what causes the burning due to lack of resistance . ( Not unlike the coils in a heating element, electric fire etc ) Jasonj

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