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Just bought an A3 - Help with some minor faults.


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Hi everyone,

First time A3 owner here.


Currently own a MK8 GTD, however needed a second 'runaround workhorse' and saw this beautiful black edition and I knew I had to have it. It's a 2.0 TDI (138) manual, 2009.

It does have some minor issues it needs fixing and wanted to see if these are common and easy enough to fix.


1. Oil Level Sensor faulty - Should I be worried, or is it just a sensor as it suggests? I have checked oil level and it's perfect every time. How much does a sensor usually cost?


2. Air con light doesn't stay on. I will be getting this looked into. But my OBDEleven device seems to suggest it's the 'Air Quality Sensor'.


3. Car pulls ever so slightly to the right on motorway. Is that most likely a wheel alignment issue? No vibration at the wheel at any speed, just a slight pull to the right as I say.


4. Finally...the smell. The car is a 2.0 TDI (138) and I have been told its remapped. Boy can I smell the fuel when the door is open but. Is that normal following a remap?


Thank you all and look forward to a few years of happy motoring with my new A3 😀

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1. Oil level sensor cost? Ask Audi or the motor factor of your choice. Perhaps even Google it.

2. I cannot help with this point. I suggest you get a proper diagnosis.

3. Ensure that: tyre pressures are correct, tyres are evenly worn and the same type, the tracking is correct, there is no wear or looseness in the steering and suspension joints, and the front wheel bearings are not worn. All those factors can lead to vague or biased steering.

4. There should be no stink of fuel no matter what has been done to the engine. Is the fuel leaking somewhere or is it in the exhaust gas?

Do you have full service history for the car?

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