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Safety Recall delays A6 2019


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This is my first post and I hope that it is of relevance.

What do you think I should do?

I had a letter from Audi UK and it advised me that there was can issue with the starter alternator that could cause a fire even if the car was left unattended for an extended time. I was warned not to park underground or use multi storey car parks, garages or car ports  and to keep moisture away from the engine. 

I thought it was a joke but I called up and it was true. It is a two hour job to mend the car but they cannot do it for a month so should I stick to the guidance that they have provided which means that going shopping or to work is not easily achievable if I need to park inside a building or if its raining?

There is also a legal consideration which comes into play:

(Gov.UK) Vehicle recalls and faults

What you need to do

You’re legally responsible for making sure that your vehicle is:

  • kept in a safe condition
  • safe to drive whenever you drive it

If you do not get your vehicle inspected and fixed, you could:

  • affect any insurance claim you make
  • put yourself and others at serious risk

You can be fined up to £2,500, be banned from driving and get 3 penalty points for driving a vehicle in a dangerous condition


Audi is a huge company and despite an enormous effort to make car parts that are suitable for the job some equipment may fail due to unforeseen circumstances.  I do not have a problem with having my car recalled for a safety issue but if the issue is so serious that I am told not to use my car unless it is a dry day and it is in the open air I feel that Audi should make the repairs a priority.

Am I being cynical if I link the timing of the recall to the investigation and the outcomes of the Luton Airport fire where information has been kept to a minimum. The fire investigation team will have identified the initial cause, and the vehicles and the equipment that was involved through witness testimony, CCTV and parking receipts but the controlled confusion surrounding the escalation of the fire may be worthy of a separate post. All we know is that the total loss will be many millions of pounds and that it was caused by an alleged electrical fault.

Maybe I just expect more from Audi when it comes to customer support!









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Welcome to the Audi Owners Club !

Good to have you onboard.

Hello Gary,

Many thanks for sharing the detail of this recall, and although I’m sure you find it alarming, no doubt you rest assured that you are now knowledgeable on the issue, rather than being previously in blissful ignorance. 
As I see it, the main concern is the delay in getting the rectification work done, and to be progressive on this, have you rang around as many dealers in a reasonable radius to see if they can fit you in earlier? 
Kind regards,


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