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Navigation Plus RNS-D No Sound

Fabio Vieira

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Hello everybody
I have a problem with the RNS-D radio adaptation in my Audi A8, the radio is an original A8 D2, what happens is the following.
1 - The radio has no sound, everything works without errors appearing on the screen but I have no sound
2 - If you turn the button to increase the sound, it doesn't do anything, the sound bar doesn't even appear on the screen.
3 - If i going to the sound settings, the menu tells me that the soud are mute, i can't do anithing in that menu
4 - if I go to the sound tone menu and go to the phone to increase or decrease the sound of the phone it starts playing sound, if I leave it stops playing sound, I can't understand this
5 - In the menu where it says All sound are muted if i click on the wheel button on the right side, another menu appears saying that the sound is off you can see that on the fotos in atch and i can't do anything, i can't chage it to on
6 - The wire on the back where there is a pin to mute the phone is disconnected because I don't have a phone
Note: The images are not mine is from internet 
Can anyone tell me what's going on and how can I solve this problem?







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